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March 25, 2007 and it’s been a truly lovely day (Indian Ashram Style of a Lovely Day, which is different from what I would have called a lovely day back home). Sundays, the schedule here is a bit different. Swami Satyam holds a service (class) which attracts more of the public. It’s at least two hours of class/meditation/guided devotion etc. and I found it both challenging, rewarding, inspiring and just really good. Afterward he made note that he will meet with both Scott and myself (the meeting I’ve been waiting for and Scott has been wanting to talk to him too now for a couple of days) so, I’m sure that will happen soon. After the service, the kitchen serves a meal to everyone. I decided to eat Indian-style again figuring that it may be the last time while I’m here. Sitting on the ground (with lots of accompanying flies), barefoot (much of our time here is barefoot), eating off of leaf plates (disposable/biodegradeable and one of my favorite things here) and eating with your hands (definitely something to get used to because we’re not talking about fries and a sandwich here, you are to mix your beans with your rice using your hands like a utensil and then scoop into your mouth, anyway, there are different techniques for different foods. And the weather is lovely today and we won’t have an 11am meditation because it’s too close to the first one which by the way started at 7 am instead of our usual 6am which was another reason to be happy, especially since I stayed up later than usual last night, so, in terms of sleep hours it’s a wash.


I will see if I can get the tailor to sew my luggage today and get some laundry done and then a few other tasks like getting my photo cd from one of the matas and I want to take some more photos before I leave and I have people I want to be sure to say good-bye to and get contact information and I want to get some CD’s (recordings of Swami Satyam’s sessions) too. He records virtually every instruction that he gives. Many of them are in Hindi and English. I’d like just the English versions. I STILL have difficulty understanding him (and others) much of the time when they are speaking English. This morning I asked for more salad and I just didn’t put the emphasis where they’re used to and so it took awhile for Chotu to figure out what I was saying. Salad here is any raw vegetable. It could be a cut up carrot and that’s, salad.


I’d like to say that I’m so even-minded that regardless of what my body was going through that I could be and was happy and loving it and though that’s what I’ve practiced I’m not 100% there yet, so another reason why I’m having a good day so far is because my body (mostly my digestive tract) isn’t going nuts with changes) so it’s a nice break from that. That said, I still am aware of many physical sensations as a result of the meditations and  I want to be sure to welcome it as I believe it all to be very regenerative.


Uh oh! I just remembered that I put water on the stove downstairs to boil….for drinking water and for a cup of tea….


Okay, about an hour later….I’ve had some tea, I ate a few of Santosh’s grapes and he’s in the kitchen cooking and wants me to try all his Brazilian dishes…he’s one of the few who have begun to really cook quite a bit. I will try just a spoonful of his cooking which is a bit risky considering I’m going through a rare period of semi-okayness in the digestive area. I sat downstairs and chatted with Scott and Bob over our tea and we watched Santosh cook. Scott wants to use the internet so we’ll walk over to another area soon to see if we can get on, then we’ll find Guruji to give him our phone number so he can call us when he’s ready for us. Right now Scott is shaving…something he’s done a couple of times since we’ve been here. Later we’ll both do laundry it sounds like. Man, what a lovely feeling day it is today.


Navin’s email said that we’ll go to an Indian restaurant when we arrive in Delhi…with his wife and his sister who is visiting here from Solon, Ohio…wild huh? That will be so nice.


I’m feeling more and more up to traveling over to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Linda here became less and less interested and enamored with it the longer she was there and continued to hear the history of the place. I know just a bit of it now…I don’t think I’ll feel quite as strong as she does over it as I realize up front that so many of the palacious temples and monuments and even mansions, not just here in India but also the states have back stories that aren’t so lovely. Monies and labor that were not justly attained and the erection of such places so often stemming from greed and huge ego etc. They are what they are and I see them for that and I don’t get so emotionally upset over it all…..human nature, it’s quite something, throughout history and today, it’s no different.


I largish, black bug was crawling on my bare shoulder last night while I was sleeping and I woke up to it…..I grabbed it, squished it with a napkin type thing which I have by the bed for just that reason and then I rolled over and went back to sleep without skipping a beat. Well, that’s an example of adjusting to a new environment don’t you think? Though, Indians may have just slept through it or shoed it away. I did it Western-style with an Indian attitude : )


2pm now and man am I having a great day…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  : ))


I’m going to blog Scott’s final draft of his Kriya Yoga testimonial.


March 26, 2007

Last night had it’s ups and downs and ended on an upside. Then, a lovely morning. Difficult meditation but good. Then all sorts of little miracles throughout the day. And today again, I’m just marveling at the many physical changes of my body. Don’t know what will happen with it all over time and away from here, but like everyday here, I’m taking and observing and learning and experiencing for the moment and the day, so for now I’m content with the experiences and unlike me, I’ve really worked at not analyzing everything, figuring out how and why and wondering about what next to do etc.


Anandamata just told us that her birthday was yesterday…..a nice friend who is in our room right now reading an email from her daughter using Bob’s computer who is in here too. I don’t know details but Scott just started experiencing the vomiting/diarrhea drill, but he seems in good enough spirits so, no worries mom and dad.



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