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A quick entry as long as I have a connection. I'm well and it's 8:10 pm and I'm sitting in the dining area of the Ashram...Kriya Yoga Institute in Allahabad after a meal. Meals are twice a day, 8 hours apart. I will be heading to sleep early tonight and likely miss the 9pm meditation which may be a no no around here but I'm feeling comfortable setting my own life a bit here. There are three people who just walked in for a late meal....which also means cold.

The first full day here we checked out the Mela. I loved it, but my travel partner was filled with anxiety over it....the next day he said he really enjoyed it despite the nervousness of it all. We walked for miles and miles and miles that day and I got my first bit of sunburn. That was the warmest day here.

Too much dampness and cold for my liking but I think the sun and warmth is coming back soon.  Of course no heated buildings, no hot bathing, maybe warm food, doesn't leave a lot of opportunities to get warmed up.

I'm not great nor bad more just experiencing so very much and adjusting to India and the ashram. I am so very glad for the experience of India.  Okay I was just pulled into a conversation about all the marble here in the construction of the buildings etc.

Okay...what are the most important things to say. .. we're safe....we're fed...we're clean...we haven't gotten sick..we're navigating and learning. The traveling portion of the trip was rather grueling but I felt my zen state of mind allowed me to take it in stride even moreso than so many people who often make the trip...some were just beside themselves. Honestly, for me.....I don't know which of my family or friends could have tolerated the travel that I just did.....cracks me up to think of it.  Okay, I'll add a nice tidbit....I slept with cockroaches.....yep. I figured if I could do that I could do pretty much anything because even before I left home that was one, if not my biggest thing I thought I'd have to overcome....sleeping in an environment that had undesirable bugs. That happened on the train from Delhi to Allahabad...I was in the top berth. At least I learned their pattern...every time the train stopped that's when they'd really get active and come out of the walls etc.  Lovely.....     Met a very friendly and helpful and English speaking man on that trip.....he now wants to continue talking and....I have yet to determine fully whether or not he's really all friend or something else.  He's offered to give us a break from the ashram if or whenever we want. Don't know why I'm talking about this as opposed to soooo many other things that we've experienced.

It's now pouring rain....aggain. Someone just said it hasn't rained here since October except for the last couple of days which of course is when we arrived. Sheesh. Oh noooooo, i just remembered our clothes that we've been trying to dry for days are outside on our balcony. Scott is there at the room,..now, what are the chances that he realized it's raining and brought in the clothes!?

The food and exercise feels good for my health. Oh man....just remembered I have to take that malaria medication soon. man, that is so easy to forget around here.  I haven't yet though.  I love all the animals....the cows, oxen, goats, sheep, pigs, birds, mongoose, even interesting ants.

The beautiful and spiritually famous banyan tree on the grounds is lovely. Scott meditated under it today. I took pictures of it but don't know if I'll ever share the pics because I believe I burned out the charger today....electricity is dicey around here. First night we lost electricity. first night at the ashram that is....the first night in Delhi, at the hotel, Scott got electrocuted....ok Dave and Nancy, don't worry...he's fine....it was a bigger mental shock than a physical one but it was a good physical jolt too..... maybe he needed it to really drive home that things are different here and one needs to pay attention.

I really enjoy conversations with locals....I had a lovely one today with 3 women who were on the ground preparing wheat...removing stones etc. The girl who was 20 yrs old spoke some english....though we really got stuck when I asked her age.....she didn't understand what I was saying and I was so determined to be able to communicate this simple thing especially when she did sooo well with other conversation. Obviously we got there which is why I know she is 20.

Poverty....so many poor.  And lovingly said...so many ignorant. Also, so much spirit, so much history, so much energy for growth, so much activity (life is hard and so much to do to accomplish the simplest of things like eating.  Lovely dress, lovely children, lovey people.  The stares and reactions I get are across the board but fairly consistent. You'd think I was the only westerner they've ever seen ...this isn't the case, yet I still get some interesting responses...sometimes I think they think I'm someone famous or something.

I should get going...the rain has provided a pause for me to get back to my room....it will be muddy and dark on my way there. and always noisy like now....traffic which includes lots of honking all the time.

The trip to West Bengal, Serampore, and Calcutta should start on the 16th for 3 weeks....plans for this are changing constantly.

I'm rationing my TP but don't know that it will last as long as my trip....I may have to try indian style soon....Scott informed me that he did for the first time yesterday....hooray for him....I still have paper left and I'm going to use it. For those who love to hear this stuff......my bathroom experiences are good in this regard largely because of the simple and quality food I'm eating and the physical activity (everything requires more work here)...so it's good for the digestive system it seems....sooooo what I'm trying to say is I go more frequently, but in a healthy kind of way.

Forget it....it's pouring and freezing again....man, I hope I can get warm tonight.

I'll have to get into meditative mode on my walk home.....and love the rain and mud and cold and embrace it as God and it's bliss and power and joy etc.  Yep...that's what we do here, we work to see all as one...

Well, that's part of what's taught here....whether I can and for how many consecutive minutes is another story.  Bites, and cold and tiredness and other things are simply just that.....and even if I love it....it's still cold!

Enjoy your cold....so weird....I thought of the cold back home....but....difference is....zero degrees outside and 70 inside is different that 60 inside and 55 outside and everything being damp....I'm not sure if those temps I stated are right or not.

Anyway.....nice sharing....I'll be here in India for awhile......having more experiences......just amazing....everything.  I'm keeping a journal on feelings and consciousness insights and I've written quite a bit already.  it's really been something.

Namaste and





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