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Hello all. I am using the ashram's computer today for the first time. I am well though feeling many many many's the third consecutive day of feeling much deeply...emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually....and here, due to the Kriya Yoga work, ultimately it all feels like spiritual changes, awareness, growth, gruelingness, wonderfulness, lightness, heaviness, emotions (today I feel that I could cry and cry....though it all feels very purposeful and it's all very good) thoughts and then again, peace and calm and surrender's everything ...ONE...that is God and creation and us and what Kriya is all about...decreasing the distance between mind and body, god and the ego you etc. etc.  So, yes, I'm in the thick of it. It's work, it's good, it's an experience to behold. And to have greater awareness of the purposeful nature of every minute experienced throughout a day (okay, i'm not that tuned in...but to have a sense of this) sure does make one sit back in awe. I spend much of my time here in India in a state of complete humblness...humility....many opportunities to sit in this state.

Today, the ashram had a special outside guest so that meant another special meal....I and others overate! I just's nice that I'm not kicking myself for it.....I've successully mastered the idea of loving all things...or at least loving the idea of overeating if that is what I have chosen to do. So,, Scott and I spent a few hours chatting about Kriya and some of our spiritual thoughts which we both enjoyed. He is well. He thinks he passed a tape worm today.  Okay, Lynch parents...don't fret. For one, if it was a tape worm or other type of parasite type thing, it's good that he passed it...and remember, it's also quite possible that if it was that type of thing that it's not necessarily new to his system since visiting India. Our diet and heavy spiritual work here creates many changes in the body which could help rid one of such burdens. On the other hand it may not have been that type of creature at all.....I was not blessed to inspect it..  : ) ....but after discussing it with him, it also seems possible that it was mucus or something else. So, I told him to continue examining his poop for awhile....hard not to while we're here as eating and bathroom experiences seem to be such a focus since it's all so different for us. I know I've mentioned it before, but I want to clarify that it's not only because it's Indian food, but because it's the Kriya Yoga Diet which is very specific and purposeful to support best results when practicing Kriya. And on top of that we're still adjusting to all things microscopic here I'm sure....bacteria wise.

Our group is getting a bit smaller everyday and visitors from Canada are heading back home one by one. Many have been here since the Mela or before. Some new people have arrived here as well. During our stay, most of the group have been from Canada, but it's not uncommon to see people here from many ends of the globe.

I am feeling the advantages of having a spiritual least for now. It's lovely really.

Guruji said he'd answer my questions today.....not sure if it will happen or's a pretty big deal. I wrote down about 10 question over a week I added about 10 more. Oh boy....give me any more time and the list will keep growing.

I'm tired today but feeling well. Does anyone know this feeling?  Deep down feeling really really good though the rest of me is strained by all the experiences.

The mosquitos started to get us last night again while sleeping....we adjusted some things to escape them and I found some peace....thanks Nancy for packing that blue sheet for Scott....I feel like it saved my life last night! This would be the second time it served me so well....the first was when I had to wear it like a skirt when I was plagued with crazy diarrhea while we were on the beginning of our bus trip. 

The 8 year old girl, Amanda, who is in one of the pictures I added to this site will be having a birthday later this month. She is here sitting quietly in the room that I'm in right now. I'm starting to conjure up some ideas of what we can do to celebrate this day for her Indian/American/Canadian/Ashram-style which would be unexpected for her. She has really grown quite smitten with Scott as he has totally given the green light to her that he is willing to play and befriend her. It's cute to see...she's so enamored and I think he's quite enjoying it too.

I still get quite a kick out of the mongoose that run around here and the unique looking birds. I'm quite used to much of the noise and the Hindu and Muslim music/chanting that goes on around the ashram everyday.....some in the middle of the night and early morning. I hear some now.  I continue to learn more of the ins and outs of life here at the ashram and India. Oh my.

It's weird that some days seem fly free and others are just swarming with them.

Our meditation schedule is 6am, 11:30am, 3:30pm, 6pm, 11pm......adjustable at times and each sitting may be a different length of time and of course we are to be meditating 24/7 as best we can while engaged in daily activities.

There was some violence here a couple of years ago when Guruji and many of the people here were away from the ashram. Since then, they installed a few more locks and armed's subtle....but lucky Scott and me, we got a personal demonstration on the guns they use and the rounds and their capabilities and the costs. Woo hoo.

I went to an open air food market yesterday...neat.

I still have a bit of a shopping list to get filled.....toilet paper (sometimes I just want it...other times, not----this reminds me of a Scott statement.....he says his butt has never been so clean as during his time here where washing with one's hand with water is the natural way---I'm sure he'll be so pleased that I've shared all his washroom stories with you all), mobile phone minutes, surge protector (i'm going to buy it and then donate it to the ashram when I leave) a couple of blank CD's, big piece of luggage, gum or candy or something for now and again maybe and then I have my eye out for little gifts for people. I haven't done any of that kind of shopping....may not happen until we reach Delhi. I hadn't made it a priority to get a Sari but I've been open to the idea if the right opportunity came along. Well, the other day, someone so insistantly was saying how I should get a sari and she has to go to the tailor/seller to pick hers up and so I may very well go with her when she does. I do find them quite lovely many kinds and colors and adornments and styles etc. Numerous people have implied, suggested what I should get etc.....interesting. And when I wore the one indian outfit that someone gave me...and only for about 15 minutes, people were oohing and ahhing. So funny. It's not that I looked soooo great or anything, I just feel like others....particularly all the women...women not from India and those from India who wear traditional Indian garb really like to see others wearing it too and here's me settling into the culture in so many ways but still wearing my western garb and due to practicalities of travel it's not like I'm wearing the most fashion oriented nor feminine looking clothes so I sense that they just want to play dress up with's nice and funny. I could feel totally comfortable in traditional many ways, more comfortable than in western as i'm sure I wouldn't get as many stares and gawks I have been.

Scott just popped in here for a minute looking for the key to our room. We have one key so we rely on one another to have access to it. Amazingly it has worked out fairly well...though, I am the one who usually has the key so...

We have meditation in 5 minutes and I'm looking forward to it now that I've shifted my thoughts to this worldly task of blogging here....back to my third eye my friends.


Love to you all.

Deborah xoxoxo

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