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Comming from a small island in Norway, I wanted to take a year of school at the age of 18, and do something else before starting uni. After some jobinterviews, I ended up going to Chicago to be an aupair for one year, and I never regretted that!  I  had a different but GREAT experience staying with a black family, looking after their kids. They are still my good friends today.

I have been travelling quite a bit in the US, and been to New York City lots of times, but Chicago is the city that has my heart. It is not only because of my friends there, but because of the atmosphere! The city is clean, easy to find your way around, the arcitecture is beautiful and the shopping is good.

Going shopping in Chicago, you would want to go to State Street, and also walking up the magnificent mile all the way up to the Water Tower Place. Here you can find everything you may want in a relatively small area.

Of activities that you shouldn't miss, are: Navy Peer, the beach(in the summer, it is VERY cold in the winter), Sears Tower, the Cheesecake Factory, a Chicago Bulls game, the museums and aquarium, rivercruise on he river... and so much more.

People in Chicago are friendly and easy to get to know, so what if you are ready to have a good time, shopping, sightseeing and partying, this is the place for you:)

lisak64 says:
Thanks for your nice comments about Chicago. As someone born and bred here, we tend to get overlooked by NYC and LA, but we have lots to offer, especially to people that are interested in architecture.
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
enerland says:
Glad to hear that you consider Chicago an underrated city. I was an exchange student in Kentucky and am going back this summer for my 10-year-reunion. Stopping in Chicago on the way home. Only for one and a half day though, but hope to get a sense of the city nevertheless.
Posted on: May 06, 2007
SmilingNorwegian says:
I know!! Lived in the southern suburbs, near calumet, and loved it there. But it was always great to go downtown in the weekends, and I think I went downtown every weekend for a year- almost!
Posted on: Feb 15, 2007
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