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Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Cuba

November 1,2007

Ever Since I could remember I have been Fascinated by Cuba but due to the Fact that I reside in The USA I always saw it as a faraway prohibited Land. In fact I thought most of my life That Cuba was this closed Island that no one visited and you had to go through a whole ordeal to enter the Island. Then One day I came across a Lonely Planet guide to Cuba at a Local Bookstore and was pleased to find out that Cuba received thousands of tourists yearly and my Obsession with the Island became Bigger. I went online and started reading up all I could on Cuba and How to get there. I first went via the Normal travel sites like or and would try to buy a ticket online but always got the Same error message “Due to a USA Embargo reservations to Cuba are prohibited”

Then One day I came across a Canadian Travel Website and Typed in Toronto to Havana, to My surprise several flights came Up Flying with Cubana Airlines and Air Canada. Cubana Airlines had a special of $345 going on, I found the Price reasonable as Flights with Air Canada were double the price. I hit the Purchase button and just like that I had a 5 day Ticket to Cuba. I was so thrilled that Night I couldn’t sleep thinking about Cuba. I convinced a very Good friend from Switzerland to come with me. Since he was a European Citizen in Europe he wouldn’t have any difficulties booking a Flight to Havana. I arranged to Travel during the Thanksgiving Holiday period since I had two days off from school plus the weekend that gave me 4 free days and I decided to take Monday off. I also Booked My flight and Hotel from New York to Toronto.

So My Travel dates would be Fly from NYC to Toronto The evening of Wednesday November 21 and spend the night in a Hotel

Fly to Havana on the Morning of Thursday November 22

Stay till Monday November 26

Then Fly in the Morning of Tuesday November 27 back to New York and make it just in time for my afternoon classes.

In the weeks to Follow I would email Guesthouses in Havana and read as much info possible on Cuba. Since this Land was so Foreign to me I didn’t know what to expect Yet I was filled with excitement and could not wait for the Month to pass

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Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Cuba
Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Cuba
New York
photo by: herman_munster