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Oktoberfest was crazy.  So I landed Monday afternoon, dropped off my bags at the hotel and met up with my friends for some drinking.  It was my first time to Oktoberfest and it was crawling w/ people.  We couldn't even get a seat in any of the beer tents.  After some wandering around we ended up in a beer garden outside one of the tents and started enjoying some cold German beer.  It was a little tame, relatively speaking until some folks started getting up on the tables and singing.  It was still a good time and we stayed until they started shutting everything down.  The next day I kicked it up a few notches.  My friends got to the beer tents at 10 am and got us a table.  I didn't show up until 3 pm and tried to catch up to my already drunk friend Patrick.
  Let me tell you, never try to catch up to a drunk friend b/c you will end up flying right past them.  I started pounding liters of beer two at a time and within a couple of hours I was pretty gone.  Before the night took a downturn, though it was a blast.  The other people at our table were pretty cool and we started standing on the benches and singing around 5.  From that point on I was singing and drinking and running around talking to all the ladies in my general vicinity.  It was awesome.  Unfortunately, I managed to rack up a 2.99 percent blood alcohol level (they had a breathalizer in the beer tent and were giving people tests to show how drunk they were) and that can never end well.  Luckily, my boy took care of me and followed my stupid self around the town for two hours as I made an ass of myself at every turn.  I managed to get back to my hotel by 10 to sleep it off.  I will never get that stupid again, I hope.  It also made the drive to Vienna on Wednesday morning not too comfortable.  Oh well, I have to suck it up b/c I'll be meeting some more friends there who will definitely want to go out on the town.
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photo by: AleksandraEa