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We went for a quick stop at Roxas to have lunch. The town was quite sleepy, but from the looks of it, a bit bigger than El Nido. Anyway, since I didn't get to sleep inside the van, I became more aware of my empty stomach, so a quick stop was a huge relief for me.

I got myself a full meal, as full as the small eatery we stopped at could provide. I tried avoiding the obnoxious May-December couples at all cost, lest I lose my appetite. So I chose a table as far from them as possible, and just chatted with the driver. Still anxious, I asked him how long it would still take for us to reach PP. He said another 4 hours. Uhm, what did you just say?!?

I looked at my watch, and it read 12.30PM. We've been on the road for more than 3 hours, so he had to be kidding me. I told him I'd freaking miss my flight at 4.30, but he assured me that I won't. So I told him that 4 hours would mean that even if we leave now, we'd get to PP at 7.30. He was like, no, we only need 2 more hours! Oh, so he said 2, not 4. My bad hehehe. Back to eating lunch.

Roxas is half-way between El Nido and Puerto Princesa, and from there, the rest of the road is sealed. So, travel time would be faster and less painful in the butt department. I guess it's worth mentioning that there are some nice resorts located there as well, so yeah.

Oh, and our van stopped at some transpo terminal to pick up a passenger to share my front seat with. Damn that driver.

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photo by: planisphere