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My friend Emma, who I've known since I was even shorter than I am today, invited me to go on a walking holiday in Switzerland.  This was not the sort of trip I normally go on, for several reasons.  Firstly, I don't normally do anything this pre-organised; every day was all mapped out.  Secondly, there were No Art Galleries, which meant it didn't sound like a holiday to me.  Thirdly, it was with her parents, who I liked, adn all her parents friends, who I didn't know; I was sort of along as the kid Emma's age to protect her from all the grown ups.  Despite this, I was really taken with the idea.  Switzerland wasn't an area I'd really thought of to go on holiday before but it always looks stunning in films, adn I was really liking the idea of some fresh air. 

I'm writing this diary a little more than three years after the event; the photos will be slow coming because I didn't have a digital camera, so I need to a) find them in the boxes under my bed and b) scan them in.  The dates will be fuzzy and tinted by years of reminiscences, but here goes.  

The prep for the trip was fun; I needed walking kit, although I had books, and there was a nice wee itinerary to look at.  We were going to the French speaking part, which was fine with me because my German extends as far as ordering beer, which is the same as the English, more or less.  The morning rolled round, far too early, and the trip got under way.

There were minimal airport adventures; one guy had to go home for his passport, and Emma and I wandered off from the others because they were valiantly trying to keep all 12 or however many of us together, which was just stressful and totally unecessary when you're all getting the same plane and the seats are numbered. 

Arriving in Geneva, we were picked up by a Very Posh English Lady who had quit her job to run the walking holidays in summer and skiing in winter.  Goes to show it can be done. We were introduced to the cook for the week (who I noticed was a couple of years younger than me, and quite fit...), and I took some pictures of hte local church on my semi-broken camera. 

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photo by: sarahelaine