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so maybe its just me...maybe i get too attached to people, places lifestyles. but i find it impossible to avoid it. every airport is a new goodbye. always wishing i had longer...wishing i could just stay. instead of walking away from the friends i love... to return to a world i barely remember. i realised today that i have less then two months left in Australia. 2 months left in melbourne and that terrfies me. after  spending the last year in Australia, Canada seems so distant. i've built a life for myself here, friendships that i can't replace... but i suppose that is the curse of being a chronic traveler. no matter where u go u are always missing someone. the ideal of home was lost a long time ago. home isn't a place its a feeling and melbourne has become my home at least for now. so as i think ahead to the airport goodbyes the song "breath me" by Sia begins to play on my ipod. reminding me of tearfull goodbyes at the same airport two years ago. why do i never learn? wish there was a way to make this easier but i know thats impossible. maybe some people manage to travel without feeling any attachment to people or places...i envy that. but then again i would never trade in any of my close friendships to make this departure easier. i know it will be almost impossible to walk onto that plane. i've been through this before and i think the more times u do it the harder it gets. friendships and relationships cut short by visa expiry dates. everything starts with a deadline... i know ill stay in touch with the close friends. but phone conversations are never the same. and dispite how much effort u keep to stay intouch there will always be ppl u lose along the way. friendships that can't survive the distance...

well i suppose it doesn't matter... time wasted worrying is time lost. all i can do now is treasure every moment and make the last 2 months the best. worry about the airport when i'm in it... and hold onto the memories

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