Thurs 18th - a full day Pre Meet Up - part I :)

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The first pic of the group, we were ready to start the adventure... James, Marian, Pavel, Mark, Martin, Jos, Dan, Yadi, Rene & Francisco
Still don't know how I could wake up after going to bed around 3:30am! haha. Today was the Pre Meet Up and more TB's arrived to Lima during the night before. I posted in the forum that we would meet at 9:30am at the Church in Miraflores. I'm so sorry, but I arrived 10min late, sorry!!! While I was walking there I recognized the TB's yeah! I saw all the boys next to a bench. Then I looked another bench and there was a quiet boy alone. I recognized him. It was James (Tarb)! Finally I met him!!! I approached to him and introduced myself, then we both went and joined the rest of the group. There were 8 guys, just 1 I haven't meet before: Francisco - the Caribbean Ambassador! It was so great meeting my 4 boys again: Martin, Dan, Pavel & Marian.
surrounded by non TB's. Well, Pavel is now one of us ;)
Although I didn't travel with them, we were in touch and I felt as in some way I was with them. Was so good meeting Mark again, first time was in KC for the Meet Up last June. And there were my 2 party partners: Rene & Jos! After tons of hugs and kisses and apologizing for being late, Martin said: "Yadi, did you arrange it this way in purpose? so you'd be the only girl?" haha. Originally I wouldn't be the only girl, but I wouldn't complain about having 9 knights with me ;)

It wasn't the first time in Peru for everyone, some were here some time ago, some were just coming back from traveling around the country. Anyway, I wanted to share with them a bit of our history, so we wented to a museum which is one of my favorites. It shows the whole developing of our country. It was the first museum I visited when I was a little girl.
Surrounded by my knights in Pueblo Libre: Pavel, Mark, Jos, Yadi, James, Dan, Marian, Francisco, Rene & Martin
We took 2 cabs and drove there. First we arrived to the Main Square of Pueblo Libre, which is another part of the city. Not as touristy as Miraflores. It's more traditional and has a special charm. After taking some pics - actually there were many, we went into the museum. First to pay the entrance, I was expecting a group discount, but no luck. Well, some of the guys had their student cards, so they paid less. It was my turn, I tried to go for free, but no success :( The guy asked me why I was hanging out with a bunch of foreigners instead of staying there with him.... what?!?! ok, would I go for free? haha, at least I got a student discount, despite I'm not a student, haha.

Ok, my boys, let's move! we started the tour. I felt as the teacher and Mark was calling me so, haha. There were group of school students and also tourists with guides.
All the children were looking at us. Even 2 girls approached asking me for directions. They were trying so hard to talk in English, haha. I told them I was as Peruvian as them and they just asked why I was talking in English and how I made so many foreigner friends. Lucky me!!!! We were in the museum for almost 2 hours, I explained a little bit about our history, but not too many details, since it wasn't the main purpose. Just wanted them to be in touch with our past and have fun! And we did it!

It was almost noon when Nelly called me. She was in Miraflores and would meet another TB. I thought about a restaurant for lunch, but you can't make any reservation, just have to go. So, Nelly would help me going to the restaurant and getting the table for the group. Thanks Nelly!!!

History lesson was over. We were hungry and ready to meet the rest of the gang, yeah!!!!

USA: Mark (travelman727)
Philippines: Rene (RENESO)
Netherlands: Jos (jos-nijenhuis)
Slovakia: Martin (skydiver), Marian (not a TB)
Sweden: Dan (engertdan)
Czech Republic: Pavel (he wasn't a TB at that time, but now he's one of us, haha Pavel_Jacko)
UK: James (Tarb)
Puerto Lico: Francisco (frankrn)
Peru: Yadi (yadilitta)
yadilitta says:
oh! Martin, if you had a Meet Up, I'd be your assistant ;)
Posted on: Sep 28, 2008
skydiver says:
Lauro, Lauro, Lauro, Du hasst was verpaaaasst, hahaha. Hey Wouter, it was honestly a great meetup, my hat down Yadi, if I had one.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2008
yadilitta says:
I told you, I told you, haha
Posted on: Sep 24, 2008
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The first pic of the group, we wer…
The first pic of the group, we we…
surrounded by non TBs. Well, Pave…
surrounded by non TB's. Well, Pav…
Surrounded by my knights in Pueblo…
Surrounded by my knights in Puebl…
Dan and James, they just look quie…
Dan and James, they just look qui…
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he was the naive guy who agreed t…
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