Sat 20th - we were alive and went for lunch - Post Meet Up - part I :)

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Francisco, Stacey, Jos, Shawn, Paca Rene, Malvin & Yadi :)
Around 11:30am I opened my eyes and thought: "just 5 more minutes!!!" Then I realized the Post Meet Up!!! Stood up, jumped into the shower and was ready to leave. As we agreed the night before actually that day earlier, we met in front of the church at 1pm. The group was formed by: Rene, Jos, Stacey, Francisco, Paca, Shawn, Malvin & me. It was a bit sunny, but that wasn't the reason why everyone was wearing sunglasses, haha. We were quiet, shhh, haha. I got a call from Julio telling me he was in downtown, so he'd join us in the evening. Well, I haven't planned anything. I guess my organizational skills were overworking the past days and needed to take a break, haha. So after vote, we ended going to Mango's in Larcomar. Why Mangos? because they had a buffet, haha, so not even needed to think about the food, haha.
with my Asian boys! Malvin, Yadi & Rene

In our way to Larcomar we met Romain and Elena, haha, so fun. Romain asked me about the plans for the evening and I just said: No plans! haha. So we agreed to talk later to figure it out where to meet and what to do, haha. Finally we arrived to Larcomar. Before going down: picture time! haha. After some flashes we went to the restaurant. We were lucky to find a table without doing any line, haha.

We weren't still sure if we would have the buffet, but Rene was already grabbing his first dish, haha. At the end almost all of us got the buffet. Nobody wanted to drink alcohol, not yet, haha. So Inca Kola for the whole table, except Rene who got Chicha Morada - the Peruvian soft drink. It would be Paca's first Inca Kola haha. We were just chilling out, very laid back and of course talked a lot about the Meet Up and our impressions, haha.
a happy table: Shawn, Yadi, Jos, Rene, Francisco, James, Malvin & Stacey
After a delicious but really filling meal, we were ready to leave. It was around 4pm.

The group split. Rene and Francisco went to look for a camera, Stacey would go to a bus station to look for tickets, Malvin had to meet a friend; so they left, but before they were gone we agreed to meet at 7pm in front of the church. The other 4 went to the Love Park and walked around for a while. Then Jos went to his hotel, Paca & Shawn to the Indian Market and I went back home.

I had barely time to change clothes and check if I got any message. When I was about leaving mom exclaimed: "Again?!?!" "Yes again, but I'll be back early..." I didn't specify early that night or early next morning, ooooooops ;)

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Francisco, Stacey, Jos, Shawn, Pac…
Francisco, Stacey, Jos, Shawn, Pa…
with my Asian boys! 
Malvin, Yadi…
with my Asian boys! Malvin, Yad…
a happy table: Shawn, Yadi, Jos, R…
a happy table: Shawn, Yadi, Jos, …
uhmmmm, this is sweet...
uhmmmm, this is sweet...
Pacas first Inca Kola :)
Paca's first Inca Kola :)
Inca Kolas top model ;)
Inca Kola's top model ;)
photo by: rsvpme