Fri 19th - I'm a survivor... - a full day Meet Up - part VI :)

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we are the survivors!! Stacey, Yadi, Jos, Shawn, Nelly, Rene, James (Paca) & Malvin
Actually it was already 20th, but anyway it was still part of the Meet Up. We were about taking cabs when somebody asked where would we go next. Mmm, not sure. It was 3:15am, mmm: Tayta! I wasn't the only one who suggested Tayta. Jos was the 1st one to mention it, haha. We were just 8 survivors, haha. So we took 2 cabs and drove back to Miraflores.

When we arrived I saw the door was closed, oh no!!!! But there was a man there. He was the watchman, they were closing soon, so didn't want new people coming, but we are TB's haha. So we went inside, haha. Ordered a couple of pitchers of beer and enjoyed the life music.
Shawn has his first meeting with the "Canchita" fried corn, now the "Evil Corn" because once you pop.
I knew you couldn't stop taking pics!!!
.. you can't stop, haha. Everyone was still excited about the show we just saw and were part of, haha. So many fun and good memories, haha. We were just chatting and relaxing. We all were very happy and started to think about if we would be able to wake up tomorrow early, haha.

Better just meeting for lunch at noon, no better 1pm, no better 2pm, haha. By the time we left Tayta it was around 4:45am. Again I arrived home while the birds were singing, haha. The addict inside me wanted to check my computer, but I was exhausted.
Tomorrow is a new day, hey! not tomorrow: just later! haha

USA: Shawn (geerbox) & Stacey (Xstacey)
Philippines: Rene (RENESO)
Netherlands: Jos (jos-nijenhuis)
Singapore: Malvin (malvin_soh)
Scotland: Paca / James (jmaxiv)
Peru: Nelly (nellysweet) & Yadi (yadilitta)

yadilitta says:
yes, it's the evil corn, but so tasty...
Posted on: Sep 30, 2008
nellysweet says:
Shawn!!!!!! please put the corn far from me :)
Posted on: Sep 30, 2008
geerbox says:
The evil corn is right :-)
Posted on: Sep 28, 2008
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we are the survivors!!
Stacey, Ya…
we are the survivors!! Stacey, Y…
I knew you couldnt stop taking pi…
I knew you couldn't stop taking p…
Paca & Yadi. I was about falling a…
Paca & Yadi. I was about falling …
Miraflores District
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