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On thursday I took the tram to the Queen Victoria Markets and walked around there for a while. What I find about markets is that they are all the same and all the vendors sell the same things. This market reminded me of Paddy's market in Sydney. But thats okay it was still fun. I walked around for a while.. bought some churros and ate those. I was craving some fruit so I bought some strawberries and then I saw a lady selling avacodos for $1 so I bought one. I also bought some cool candy. I took some pics so maybe I will put them up. I didnt really need to buy any souveniers or a knock off purse or anything so I just looked at everything.
After the markets I just came home and tried to plan what I was going to do for the 2 weeks I am around Melbourne. I got out my Australia book and all my brochures that I picked up and tried to make some decisions... it took a long time! At the same time I was watching tv and may I just say that aussie tv SUCKS! there are 5 channels... and barely anyone pays for more. Like at home everyone pays at least for the basic cable... but you cant do that here. If you pay you get foxtel which is pretty much like digital cable. It is really annoying because in the morning all thats on is news until about 12 and then there are daytime crap shows.. like right now I have the choice between The View, Dr Phil, some kids show, a show about parliament and something else that I have no idea what it is. So bad! But at lease at night we can watch Friends and Australia Idol and Dancing with the Stars (Australia version so I don't know who any of the stars are), and Neighbours! and other shows like that. Last night we watched Dawson's Creek on dvd! SO good!
Thursday night we made nachos for dinner! so that avacado I bought came in handy and I made some guacamolie (I don't know how to spell) and Adam's friend Ross came over from Tasmania for the weekend. We played a lot of wii bowling and I even won a game!
On friday Adam, Donna and Melissa all had to work and Ross went into the city with them early while I slept some more! After waking up and showering I also headed into the city. I went to the YHA travel place and got a lady to help me book my travels! I booked a bus ticket to Adelaide and a 2 night Kangaroo Island tour. Then I have a day and a half in Adelaide and then I do a Barossa Valley tour. It is a wine tour and even though I don't drink wine it is apperently a really good tour and it is beautiful out there... and i deffinatly will sample the wine anyways!! Then I head back to Melbourne! Adam and Donna said I can come back and stay at there house when I get back to Melbourne! So nice of them. I was just going to stay in a hostel but staying here again will be much better! During that week I am not sure exactly what I am going to do but I want to do a tour of the gold fields and I also need to buy a dress for the Spring Racing Carnival! I bought my ticket last night!
So anyways after I was finished booking my trip I called Ross and we met up and went shopping. We went to the DFO (direct factory outlet) and spent a couple hours there. I looked for a dress but didn't really find anything I liked that was a price I was willing to pay. I found 1 dress but it was over $200! oh well. Pretty much Ross did all the shopping and I didn't buy anything! How sad. We then went to the cafe Melissa works at and hung out there for a while... I don't think we did much else though other then get some lunch and walk around some more. When Melissa got off work we all got the tram home together.
Friday night was a lot of fun. Donna went out with friends after work so when Adam got home from work the 4 of us went out to Dan Murphy's (which is a cheap bottle shop) and got some drinks and then went and got thai take out. Me and Mel got some chicken with veggies in sweet chilli sauce but it ended up being SO spicey that we had to down some of our drinks to get rid of the spice. After we ate we watched the Emperors New Groove! I hadn't seen that movie in so long and forgot how funny it was! After the movie played a lot of wii! tennis and bowling and mario kart. It was a fun night but we were up WAY too late and ended up only getting about 4 or 5 hours sleep which was not good as we were leaving for the Great Ocean Road in the morning.
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photo by: jendara