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Well I am in Cairns! It's great. REALLY hot and humid but awesome. I left Sydney on tuesday night and got in to cairns at 9:30 but waited at the airport until midnight for Melissa and Lindsay who flew from Melbourne. We got a shuttle to our hostel and went straight to bed. Wednesday we walked around a little and layed in the sun by the lagoon. It was awsome. We then went to woolworths to buy some food so we would stop eating out. We spent the night drinking passion pop on the balcony of our room with some other people from the room. There is even one girl in our room who is from England and her last name is Burgess! weird! This morning we got up at 7 and got picked up for our Cape Tribulation tour. I did this last time but it was worth it to do it again. We started off by going to the Daintree river and going to look for crocks. We saw a huge dominant male one names Scarface. That was really cool. Then we went to a boardwalk through the rainforest and saw a cassowary which is apperently very rare but both times I have been there we saw one! Then we drove to Cape Tribulation and had some time on the beach which was awesome. Then we had some fish and chips for lunch. Oh man. I cant remember what we did after this! I am soooo tired. I think we went to a lookout. Then we went and walked around Port Douglas for a while. It seems like we did way more then that... and I know we did but I just can't think of it right now. I don't have my camera to look either. I will soon put up pics.
So tomorrow is halloween! yay. it would be fun
On Saturday we are planning to head to Mission Beach and go white water rafting on sunday but we forgot to call and book it. We have it payed for we just are supposed to call them 5 days in advance to book a spot. Hopefully it will work out but it not a couple more days in Cairns wont hurt. We are already getting tans :) Um ya thats all. Tonight we might go to the night markets but we might be really lazy and not. I will update again soon

Here are some more pictures
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photo by: Katie_Kate