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We left Belgium by car and drove staight to Denmark, a flat country with thousand of slender long, blond haired girls riding their bikes to wherever they needed to go. The country is clean with charming towns and beautifull beaches, yet a little cool to fully enjoy. From the northern part we ( my 2 kids and I) took the boat to Norway and as we slowly started too see land there were rocks and islands which looked just so beautiful and welcoming. The homes lookied so charming, like right of a postcard (thank you hallmark) The small winding streets in the curvy mountains which in some turns would reviel it nature's wonders, blue lakes, rapid rivers. It took us a few days to get to Oslo, a camped before we got there. Oslo a smal but very beautiful city was the first capital we saw in our 3 country tour and I was impressed. From there on we drove thru norway on our way to Stockholm. It is fun driving when you a entertained by the beauty of mother nature. Arriving in Stockholm was just as exciting, a much bigger city with a great vikings tour boat to show us the way to the ocean.  The most amasing thing in Stockholm was the "park" WOW, what can I say, what a ghreat invention!! This park has all the local animals but unlike a zoo most stroll around or are usefull on the "farm", yes this park has the countries history with town build like when they were hundreds of years ago, working bakery, nut and bolt place, shoe maker, a nodle house with its original garden, all with stall inside dressed up as back in the days and actually in working progress and selling the wares as back in the days. Of course the prices aren't from back in the days :)This was the most interesting  and knowledgeable park I have ever entered and recommend to anyone going there that this is a must see and experience. From there we drove to Copenhagen, ooh what a view, how can a city be build with sooo much water around????? Each city was so different from one another and then the contrast from flat Denmark to mountainous Norway. There was so much to see and so much to tell. Our family had a great time and I hope all who view will enjoy these pictures. And if you do, please smile  :)

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