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ParaGliding in Miraflores

September 2008, a success on my 1st TB meetup in Peru.

During the planning im kinda uneasy how will i merged myself for Spanish speaking countries that im headin to before hittin Lima.
My dialect comes with a lot of Spanish terminologies that helped me understand easily.
My supposed planned was Colombia-Ecuador-Peru-Bolivia,hence short period of time during the travellings because of side trips....i only made it thru Colombia and Peru.
Had some problems in Cartagena wherein i was a cocaine smuggler suspect @#$%&* . Had been interrogated for an hour in a room with all my things scattered for checking (what a scary experience!)
Thus last 10min boarding call made it to escaped from my horrible experience.

in central Lima with the travbuddies

Boarding from Panama to Ecuador was another problem as i was stopped again because of my passport validity ...i got 4months....IT SHOULD BE AT LEAST 6MONTHS....whew!!...
Another problem as i will be needing visa if il get out to the airport.
Luckily, the airport staff were generous enough to helped me for a late nite flight to Lima.
And so that goes well....arrived Lima ahead of my supposed schedules...that happens sometime!
Lots of fun and enjoyment for those countries and even have the option to take time to
appreciate time spent and make new life long friend to share memories with.

Yadi helped me a lot on this occassions.As per my vouched for her goes like this:
"You've been our travel angel, our trip facilitator, our saviour in difficult times, our muse, in short: our unbeatable VIP!
Yadi worked her ass off to provide us w/ an unforgettable stay in her beautiful country (best holidays ever!)

jmaxiv says:
Man, I really wanted to do that after we were at Mango's. If I knew you were planning on it I'd have gone that day!
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
yadilitta says:
yes, your travel was full of adventures, Rene! Thanks for your lovely words... I'm proud to be able to call you FRIEND!!! :)
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
RENESO says:
yeah...beware coz theyre after with monies.
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
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ParaGliding in Miraflores
ParaGliding in Miraflores
in central Lima with the travbuddi…
in central Lima with the travbudd…
paragliding in Miraflores
paragliding in Miraflores
pre-pre-pre-pre meetup with thorben
pre-pre-pre-pre meetup with thorben
photo by: rsvpme