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This morning we would be saying goodbye to our friends Natalie and Maggie and heading South to Broken Hill.  Broken Hill was another one of those places I always wanted to visit so I was looking forward to it.  Before going to Broken Hill though we needed to get a puncher fixed in our tyre and help Natalie with some phone stuff in the office since Vaughan is a Telephone technician!  After getting these tasks done and saying our goodbye's we were on the road South. The highway down to Broken Hill was a mixture of dirt and bitumen although more dirt than Bituman. The car wasn't going too well, it seemed like it was struggling even after we had washed a very dirty air filter the previous day. We ended up taking the filter out while on the bitumen which seem to improve the performance a little but not much.  Once we got to Broken Hill we would buy a new air filter.  Broken Hill was over 300k's away and its a journey Natalie and Maggie would make once a month to do major grocery shopping! I can't imagine it, we take our two minute drive to the supermarket for granted. Outback life can be quite tough.  Once we reached Broken Hill I was quite surprised by how it looked, not at all what I expected, I thought it would be more outback but it was a lovely place with some very historical colonial architecture. It reminded me of Ballarat back in Victoria, both towns had a similar history, both built on mining and you could see the results of this wealth in its architecture.

 First thing was first to find a motel, Natalie recommended a nice one but when we got there we found it was full so we took the next one along, not as nice but it will do for the night.  Our next task was to tend to the car and find a auto shop to buy a new air filter. We got what we needed put it in the car and took it for a test drive but the performance didn't improove any it was still struggling. So we decided to take it to the Toyota dealer to have a look at as we still had over 1000k still to drive so we had to get the car fixed.  The Toyota dealer were very good at taking the car in straight away, while they looked at the car Vaughan and I wondered off to look at one of the nearby galleries. Broken Hill is well known for its art Galleries and we intended on looking at a few while we were here.  A lot of the Art work was local and was a mixture of historical paintings depicting the history of mining in the area and outback scenery.

When we went to pick up the car they told us they had found the issue, the sensor that controls the air intake was clogged up with dust and they cleaned it. We took her for a spin and she was like a brand new car! the best part was Toyota only charged us $10!! back in Melbourne they would of probably charged us about 60 bucks.  So in the afternoon we found a nice cafe for lunch and went and explored some more galleries. I particularly wanted to visit the William Steer Gallery as he did cartoon outback paintings and a percentage of his sales was donated to the Flying Doctor Service.  I bought a couple of prints one for ourself and a Christmas present for mum. 

In the evening we found a nice place to eat for dinner at one of the many trendy restaurants. Surprisingly for an outback town its cafe culture wasn't much different than Melbourne's, its prices about the same too!

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Broken Hill
photo by: roamingduck