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Frankly cheapest eq2 platinum , if you've taken up to Improved Shields in enhancement to get the mana regen benefit anyway, you're tight on points by the time you get this far in the tree. Both Ancestral Awakening and Blessing of the Eternals have interesting new effects, while Impro buy everquest 2 platinum ved Earth Shield just gives you more ES charges and boosts the amount it heals by 10%. I'm not going to tell you that Imp ES is bad, but I'd probably want at least Blessing of the Eternals over it for the boost to my Earthliving proc and the chance to increase my healing crits, since a crit heal is going to cost me less mana for a bigger heal and also because I'd probably also consider Ancestral Awakening over Imp ES, which relies heavily on my healing spells landing a crit. They just synergize bet Everquest 2 Platinum ter. B cheap eq2 plat ut if you want to extend out how many ES charges you can keep on a tank, then Imp ES is a good ability. The five point investment in Tidal Waves (which I'd be hard pressed not to take) makes it even harder. I mean, you're going to be casting C buy eq2 gold hain Heal a lot. Getting a reduced cast time, extra healing Healing Wave every time you do?
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For the rest of the tree, the first new talent is Improved Water Shield replacing Nature's Guidance. Most resto shamans probably won't miss nature's guidance, I gue eq 2 platinum ss. And since you'll probably have Improved Shields anyway, Imp WS might work out to help a lot on mana regen. I don't like the idea of having to keep track of WS and cast it a lot... anything that takes up a GCD, I don't like as a healer... but that's a personal bias an ever quest 2 platinum d doesn't really change the spells viability. The next new talent is Tidal Force, replacing Totemic Mastery (which has been folded into all totems, they all have 30 yard ranges now) which increases on use your chance to critically hit with healing spells. Since many new talents require a critical heal, this is a pretty solid talent. Another new and in my opinion timely restoration talent is Cleanse Spirit. everquest 2 powerleveling Restoration shamans can now remove curses, and frankly it's about time. (Cue Starcraft 2 cinematic.) Nature's Blessing changes to work with the new spell power system. We now enter into the entirely new talents past Earth Shield. We've already talked about Riptide, so we're left with Ancestral Awakening, Blessing of the Eternals, Tidal Waves, and Improved Earth Shield.
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