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My Lubbock couch. Very comfy.
Just got fed by my host for the evening and had a nice relaxing shower.  I feel like a new person.  I left Santa Fe around 11am, after driving around and taking pictures.  Santa Fe is a REALLY nice town.  In Denver, they have the chemical buff, so as soon as graffiti goes up, it gets powerwashed off the wall.  This means that there are half-visible pieces and discolored walls EVERYWHERE.  Very unsightly.  But apparently they don't have much of an anti-graffiti program in Santa Fe, because there were pieces EVERYWHERE.  Intricate and in well-traveled areas, so they weren't done in the dead of night.  All the pieces were full-wall murals too, nothing crappy and hastily done.  I got some great pics that I'll post later (forgot my camera cord in the car, and I've already been down there once tonight).
Foggy day at KLBK studios.

Heading down 285 to Roswell I noticed trains EVERYWHERE.  All of the towns were dilapidated and half-demolished, but the trains kept roaring through.  I got to try out the filters on the Alpha while flicking some of the freights and abandoned gas stations, and it works nicely.  I can't wait to see how they turned out.

I got into Roswell around 4pm, and went to the UFO Museum and Research Institute.  Took the tour, got the sticker.  Absolutely HILARIOUS.  Thank God they allowed pictures, because some of the stuff there was absolutely priceless (paper mache alien, fake autopsy room, cheesy flying saucers hanging from the ceiling, the works).  Best 5 bucks I have spent on this trip so far.  All the light posts in the town look like alien heads, and there's cheesy wares on every corner.
A sign of life!
  It was already starting to get dark when I left, so I didn't get to stop at the pecan farm and get some goodies, but the museum more than made up for it.

Saw a beautiful New Mexico sunset through my rear-view mirror while driving east into Brownsville, TX.  The air smells like ass due to all of the oil pumps dotting the landscape, but it made for some great pics.  Antelope all over the place, and I almost drove into an owl that decided to swoop out of the sky and pluck an unlucky rabbit from the side of the road.  I wonder if I startled it as much as it startled me.

Lubbock, Texas is nothing but colleges, chruches and construction.  I got lost for close to an hour because without being able to use the mountains as a western reference point, I had no idea which way was north.  No liquor stores in town either.  First dry county of the trip.  Very strange to be in a college town with no access to beer.  But that's why I brought my own.  =)

Taking off for Oklahoma City tomorrow morning at 8 or so; it's a 5 hour drive up 27 to 40 and into OKC, so I should have time to dawdle if I want to.  Stay tuned for pictures and more.


Seetwist says:
Or at least a topographical map! Let's see what Georgia throws at me...
Posted on: Feb 10, 2007
UnexpectedTwist says:
Once you live on the Front Range in Colorado you learn to navigate by looking at the mountains - this, of course, screws you up majorly when you're in Salt Lake City or Phoenix or Kansas, where it's flat, flat, flat. Maybe a compass or GPS would help. :)
Posted on: Feb 08, 2007
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My Lubbock couch.  Very comfy.
My Lubbock couch. Very comfy.
Foggy day at KLBK studios.
Foggy day at KLBK studios.
A sign of life!
A sign of life!
photo by: esterrene