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At the Murrah building memorial site. Picture taken by my CSing buddy Brandon.
As I get the hell out of Texas and into Oklahoma, I pull into the Visitor Information center for some free shwag.  Maps, coffee and all that goodness.  As I am starting up the car to leave, the guy parked next to me come over to my window and taps on it.  I roll it down, and he says "Did you know your rear tire is almost flat?"  No, actually I didn't.  I hop out to check, and sure enough, it's pretty low.

"You probably ran over a nail or something, you should get that filled up because it might blow when you're going down the highway.  There's a town up ahead and another one back behind you."

I thank him and try to remember the last town I saw.  I don't think it had a gas pump, let alone compressed air.  So I get back on the highway and hope that the next town is close.
My bed in OKC

It isn't.  It's about 20 miles down the road, and when I pull into the gas station, their air hose is torn.  After trying to hold it together with my hands for 10 minutes or so, I finally get the tire filled and get back on the road.

6:60pm and I roll into Oklahoma City.  Of course, I take all the wrong exits and go in the completely wrong direction, but I manage to find my host's apartment by 7:15 or so.  We hang out for a bit, and then head out to get dinner at an italian place called "Trattoria".  I get shrimp scampi (Haven't been eating much on this trip so far) and we split a small pizza with all sorts of italian sounding (-ettio, -uttio, -cucio, -cinni) toppings.  We leave, and they take me to the Murrah Building Memorial Site.  I had completely forgotten about it as far as sightseeing goes, but I'm glad I got to go during the night, when the only person who was there was the security guard making his rounds.  I got some decent photos, but my battery died, so we headed out.  I crashed in a bed (with my own room, too!) and started sleeping immediately.

The next morning I said goodbye to my host and drove back downtown.  It was nearly as deserted during the day as it is at night.  I was able to stand in the middle of the street and snap pictures without the fear of being mowed down by a car.  OKC is a cute little town, it kind of reminded me of downtown Denver in a way.  Quaint, but trying a bit too hard to compete with the larger cities like Chicago and Boston.  I went back to the Murrah building and took some more shots with my Alpha before getting in the car and heading for Little Rock, Ark-ansas.
UnexpectedTwist says:
Don't be too hard on him. He's probably lysdexic - meant 6:06 or 9:09 or something. :)
Posted on: Feb 11, 2007
wanderingstars says:
6:60, eh? Trying to trick us and make us think it took longer then 15 minutes to find your host?
Posted on: Feb 11, 2007
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At the Murrah building memorial si…
At the Murrah building memorial s…
My bed in OKC
My bed in OKC