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Eastern China Relaxing Trip Day 4

26/12/2006 SHanghai Train Station, Hongkou Football Stadium, Duolun, Suzhou, Lingering Garden

We woke up so early today because we're going to have our day trip in Suzhou.  We asked the staff in the hostel last night, she said the train to Suzhou was very frequent like once in every hour.  So we arrived the train station at around 9:30am, however the ticket officer told us the next train would be arrived at 1:35pm.  Oh, we had more than 3 hours spare time, what could we do?

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Shanghai train station, there are banners in everywhere!!!  The slogan is quite sarcastic !! 

The sky of Shanghai is a bit similar to Hong Kong, there's no blue sky as all.  That's the cost of civilization.

We did a bit shopping under the train station but this area was so busy and we felt not very security, so we decided to leave.  We checked out our book and found a place that near the train station that's called Hongkou Stadium (虹口�"育館).

Inside the metro, this metro is so new and nice, it's just like the JR in Japan, unfortunately, this kind of new tube's rare,  this was the only time we took that, we always took the old and messy one.

That's Hongkou Football Stadium, it's huge and decent!!!

We went to a place called Duolun Road多倫路文化名人街, when we asked some local people for the direction, we said it as "Duolunduo Road 多倫多路", as we thought every street in Shanghai was just copying from other city, so this street should copy from Toronto, then the lady laughed at us because it's called "Duolun Road多倫路" instead!!   The lady asked if we were Chinese, we said yes, then she asked, "How come you Chinese girls can't speak Putonghua?"  We couldn't answer her.

The book said this street were full of some famous people living there before.

There is a flea market in the main entrance, I found that the whole China was selling the same stuff as they're selling some stuff that I saw in Tibet but with cheaper price.

Big Shanghai

A shop selling some Mao Zedong's stuff which is a bit special.

This is a cafe, quite expensive one. 

This Eupnoea building was built in 1920, it's quite nice, I wish I could live in a big house like that one.

I love this status, she looks really cool though I don't know who is she. 

This clock tower is like the one in Venice, Italy. 

I love this Church, it was a Chinese temple but a Christian Church now.  That's so amazing, praise Lord.

It's so Chinese, isn't it?

That art museum looks great, it's quite modern, a bit like in Japan.

This hotel is so famous, I learnt it in my Chinese lesson when I was in secondary school, �"乙己!!!

I guess he's �"乙己!!!

Actually, I think this area is quite nice, it's so relaxing.  It's so bad that we had to catch up our train to Suzhou, otherwise, I'd like to stay here a bit longer.  We were a bit hurried, we took a taxi to the train station, when we just took off from the taxi, there was a staff requested us to show him our train tickets, then he said we gotta run for the train.

Finally, we could caught the train.  We were taking a fast and soft seat train, so it's quite comfortable, I'd say it's nicer than the train in Europe.  However, the personalities of the passengers weren't good enough.  Poor Chinese!!

This is Suzhou train platform.  I think it's a bit like in Taiwan.

Suzhou train station, in comparing to the Shanghai one, it's much older.

Suzhou is renowned for its beautiful stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens, which has become a great tourist attraction.  As we got only limited time, we decided to go to the smallest garden which called Liu Garden (Lingering Garden留�').

The meaning of the name is "long lasting between heaven and earth"; construction of this garden started in the Ming dynasty; it has changed owner many times, and has seen both splendour and decay. After the Government funded its restoration in 1953, its original grandeur was restored.
The garden comprises of four sections; its middle section was originally named "Hanbi Mountain Villa", and was the garden's quintessential part.The layout of this section was based on mountains and ponds. It was surrounded by mountains, rocks, buildings and pavilions, and had many long corridors and bridges penetrating its landscape. The western section was based on large rockeries ; it gave a rough feeling, and it had mountains clad with maple trees. The northern section had a view of natural mountain villages, using a bamboo picked fence enclosing a small garden of miniature trees with many famous species. The eastern section had many magnificent and spacious halls, pavilions and corridors; it also had large and small rockeries. All these formed a splendid garden area with alternating spaces, each with its own characteristics. This was particularly true of the courtyard built along "the Cloud Capped Peak"- a famous rock of south-east China which makes a deep impression.
The entire garden is connected by corridors; walking along these many pavilions, verandas and terraces, strange rocks and clear streams, famous trees and special flowers; forming many small and large courtyards can be observed: A garden in a garden, a view in a view, making one forget to return; the Lingering Garden is truly a famous south-eastern garden.


Inside the Garden, I was in a corridor leads to a pavilion at the middle of the pond.

It's quite nice, so Chinese!!

Check this video out, this garden was pre-owned by some rich families, how could they have that big house?

haha, Festival Walk? We've the same estate in Hong Kong, but of course 2 different style, but both are luxury.

I love this photo most.  The background is so beautiful and romantic, it doesn't look like in China at all.  It's so quiet and we saw a guy who took a book out of his bag and recited poem.  Yeah, I think it's a good place to write and draw, basically this place is for artists and couples.  Unfortunately, I couldn't neither write poem nor draw a good picture, and I only went here with my good girl friend, Michelle.

I love this kind of Chinese door, I'd like to drill my finger into the paper screen and see from the hole, haha it's just exactly like the people in the old TV series, but there're glasses to protect the paper screen.

Michelle's book said that there was a strange stone in this garden, we couldn't find it at all, but we came to this stone for many times, this garden is just like a puzzle that we couldn't find a way back home.  We finally asked a staff where was the stone located.  Guess what?  The staff told us the stone was just located in front of us.  We just couldn't believe that we had been here for thousands times but we couldn't recognize it.  Also, we didn't think that stone was special at all.  They guy who recited poem helped us to take this photo.

The sun was going down so soon.

We stayed in the garden until it closed with the assistance form the staff as we didn't know the way to the exit.

After leaving the garden, we just randomly walked in the street without any sense of direction because we didn't know any attraction in Suzhou.  Then we suddenly found this nice little village.  I don't even know where it is now, but I like this little quiet old town.

I like this area as it isn't that tourist.  It's just like a ordinary town.

It's a bit like in Lijiang, but smaller in size.

I love this little river with light on.


After walking for a long time, we came to a famous dumpling restaurant to have our dinner.

The dumpling wasn't that special and the pearl milk tea got a strange taste.

After the dinner, we went back to Shanghai, the train was arrived on time, so good!!

When we just arrived to the hostel, we met out friends, they're just going out for dinner and asked us to come with them, actually, we're quite full, but they insisted to ask us to come and pay for us, so we came with them, but we didn't eat much and just ordered a drink.  This was an Italian restaurant, the food was amazing, I wish I was hungry so that I could eat more.

Sean knew somebody in the restaurant and he asked him to take a photo with us, but that person got shaking hands.

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photo by: sylviandavid