Eastern China Relaxing 2006Trip day 10

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haha...I am really lazy to type my journal, it's really bad for me to take more than a year to write my 10 days Eastern China Relaxing Trip 2006.....I want to start writing my 18 days Korea & Japan Winter Trip 2007 very soon, so I've to finish the 2006 trip first...yeah.. here it is...

Eastern China Relaxing 2006Trip day 10

1/1/07  Random walking, Jingansi meeting Eric, going back to HK

After a long night, we got up in mid afternoon.  It's the last day of our trip and we've been most interesting places in Shanghai, so we didn't plan much.

Our hostel!!  Despite we got a bad experience on first night arrival, I like this hostel.  It's just cheap, clean and the location is fine.


This lamp is located near our hostel, we had passed by this lamp for many times but we just didn't notice it's a special lamp!!

How special the lamp is??  YEah, as you can see it's the first lamp in china!!  Isn't it amazing??


Michelle's book said that a famous restaurant was near Jingansi, but when we arrived, we found that the building where the restaurant located was demolished!!!  haha...you see, everything is possible in China!!

Anyway, this metro station is quite nice!!

This sculpture is quite weird!


We walked to the new shop of that restaurant, and had our late afternoon!!!  Delicious food!!

It's always hard in taking public transport in mainland China, they don't follow the rules as always.  Of course, they never lined up!!!  They like squatting!!

Inside the metro.  We're victim of this crazy congested train!!!  We're supposed to get off from the metro one station earlier but people were just pushing us back so that they could enter!!!  As a result, we needed to get off in another station and took another train back. Crazy!!

I got a friend, Eric who was doing his exchange programme in Shanghai, I was supposed to visit him but his family had just visited him during Christmas, so we couldn't meet until today.  He invited us to his apartment that is so luxury and big!!!  The rent was much cheaper than in HK, it's really attractive!!!! I told him I'd like to work in Shanghai one day, so that I could live in that kind of nice apartment!!!!

Eric, me, Michelle & me.  Alban didn't know Eric before, but they're all from France, and surprisingly they're studying in 2 competitive universities and they knew some common friends as well!!! Wah..what a small world!!!

After leaving Eric, we came back to hostel and had a fast dinner near, then Alban accompanied us to take the magnetic train to airport.  As our flight was at mid-night, we gotta catch up the last train, otherwise we'd miss our flight!!!!  It's really bad that the last train to airport was departed at 9pm, and we had to run again!!!!  I hate running with my big backpack, luckily, Alban was here, so he ran for us to buy tickets first!!!   Eventually, we caught the last train!!!  Soon we got in, the doors were closed immediately.

The magnetic train ran so fast..300km/hr...

Trip ended....

Our airplane~~

IceTea says:
wow looks like you've had an awesome trip. :) I would so love to do a trip in China!
Awesome pics also... especially the food "getting hungry" ^____^
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
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