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Super Mario, outside the "meatless" meat store in Visalia!
We left Yosemite and made it as far as Visalia by the time it got dark.  We found a KOA campground there, but finding dinner was another story!  We had planned to grill something, but we went to 3 "grocery" stores in the area, but couldn't find one that sold any meat!  Even one that clearly said "meat" on the side of the building! ( the closest meat-like substance we could find was pepperoni sticks!)  We wound up settling for a bag of dry spaghetti we found at a conveniance store (no sauce) and cooked it up with a can of tomatoes we had, jazzing it up with our camper's spice wheel.  Not what we expected, but hey, its dinner.  We got there early enough to do our laundry, in fact, just in the nick of time.  To run the machines here, you have to purchase a card at the front desk with laundry time on it, and swipe it through the machine like a credit card. Any unused laundry time could be refunded at checkout.  If we got there 15 min later, we would have been out of luck, as the office would have been closed!  We met an odd couple there from Ohio, they were doing laundry as well. They sure talked a lot!  The guy talked to us all night about nothing in particular, but in the morning they left without even saying goodbye. We repacked our now clean laundry, cleaned out and washed the big cooler, and reorganized the truck.   Now we were ready for our next park!
X_Drive says:
Sorry you had a hard time find a store. Visalia was actually about 5 miles east of you in the KOA campground. You must have been in Goshen.
Wish I had known you were coming, I would have played tour guide and had you to dinner.
Posted on: Feb 09, 2007
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Super Mario, outside the meatless…
Super Mario, outside the "meatles…
Headed South towards Visalia
Headed South towards Visalia
photo by: Hummingbird