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Our campsite at Goblin Valley
It was very dark by the time we got to Goblin Valley, A state park I had learned about while doing research for this trip.  It was so dark and desolate in this area, there was no light pollution at all...you could see all the stars very clearly, and the Milkey Way too!   We got to the park just before 10 pm, good thing as they were closing up.  The attendant gave us a campsite, and they turned out to be pretty decent sites!  Each campsite had a concrete floor with a picnic table and a metal canopy over it. The tent spot was fine sand with a wooden frame around it, and there were a few light poles out to accompany our camping lanterns.  We had a corner site right next to some large "Goblin" hoodoos that this park is known for.
There was only one other family camping there in our area
  Tyler, of course, couldn't resist climbing them as soon as we had the tents up!  The site had a metal fire ring with a grill attached, I wasted no time getting a fire going as we were hungry and ready for a late dinner!  Nothing fancy, just heated up our large can of "emergency ravioli" on the fire, also tamales for Dawn.  Quick and easy, but probably not the most nutritious things to be eating just before bed!  Tyler and I set up and lit our citronella bug candles at the corners of our site, as this place was especially buggy.  In fact, a large black beetle kept crawling over to our site, more than once Tyler pushed him away. Finally, we picked him up with a stick and flung him into the bushes.   There were some bright lights near the restrooms, and there were hundreds of bugs flying around the lights...followed by dozens of bats trying to eat them!  The hoodoos/ goblins looked especially eerie in the dark...I can't wait to check this place out in the morning!
jostravel says:
I wouldn't have been able to sleep in case that beetle found its way back...!
Posted on: Apr 19, 2016
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Our campsite at Goblin Valley
Our campsite at Goblin Valley
There was only one other family ca…
There was only one other family c…
Goblin Valley State Park
photo by: WaltJake