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KOA in Benton, Illinois

I got up early and got the laundry going while Dawn and Tyler got packed up and ready to leave.  The place was empty except for us, so we had the bathrooms and laundry rooms all to ourselves.  The manager of the place came over, because when we checked in after hours, I had written my credit card info on the night ticket, but forgot to put the expiration date and they couldn't process it.  Oops, sorry, not intentional!

It didn't take us long to get all our stuff together and we were on the road again.   We had hoped to get to Mammoth Cave today and take a tour if we could get there early enough.  It was far away, but we were making good time on the highway until we crossed the state line into.

Mammoth Cave...too late for the cave tour!
...Missouri??  Hey, wait a minute! We were here yesterday, I thought we were done with this state!!    Turned out we took a wrong fork in the highway and went south into Missouri instead of southeast into Kentucky!   Oh, well!  We got out and got some pictures of the state sign, since we missed that one the day before.  We took a minute to get our bearings, figure out where we were and where we went wrong, and figured the next route into Kentucky.   Dawn was doing most of the driving, I was doing the navigating, and I guess we both missed a turn back there, and we were an hour out of our way by the time we noticed!  This was one of those times we wished our Garmin Navigation system was still working...but it conked out somewhere in Washington State and hasn't worked since!   It didn't take long to get to Kentucky from there, but now we were so far out of our way, by the time we made it to Mammoth Cave, the last cave tour had departed about 45 minutes previous.  Bummer!

jostravel says:
My speciality - wrong turns :) Glad I'm not the only one that has this problem occasionally!
Posted on: Apr 19, 2016
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KOA in Benton, Illinois
KOA in Benton, Illinois
Mammoth Cave...too late for the ca…
Mammoth Cave...too late for the c…
Welcome to...  Hey! Thats suppose…
Welcome to... Hey! That's suppos…
Kentucky should be on the other si…
Kentucky should be on the other s…
Ahh, we found it!
Ahh, we found it!
Mammoth Cave
photo by: WaltJake