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Well my husband and I decided that we wanted to drive to Key West for the weekend. At the time we lived in Ft. Lauderdale (about 300 miles north of the keys). Well after loading the car up and finding a bed and breakfast in the keys, off we went!

The drive was LONG and SLOW because on the way to the keys it's only a 2 lane road. So if you get stuck behind a boat like we did....yeah, it makes it even longer.

After getting there late friday afternoon, we headed "down town" to do some exploring. Now keep in mind that Key West is 1 mile by 1 mile. LOL So it doesnt really take very long to "see the town". Well we made a reservation to do a snorkeling trip the next day and just walked around all the little shops and things they had. Then we stubbled upon a "ghost tour". My husband is absolutly infatuated with ghosts so of course we just HAD TO DO IT.

Well, I think I managed to fall asleep standing up a few times lol but my husband did enjoy it and it did have some spooky parts to it. All and all it was a good 90 minute walk around the dark island.

After our little tour we realized we were famished and wanted some food so we found a little place (I really cant remember the name, it was a hole in the wall) but good food.

After that we went to a bar called Ricks/Durty Harry's Bar. AWSOME PLACE. It has 3 levels in the bar. Its an outdoor bar but it was packed. Cheap drinks. I think like 3 dollar mixed drinks (which ended up being double shots). So we danced the night away and got a wee bit to tipsy. After realizing we had spent all of our cab money on drinks (lol) we decided to hike back to the room. Well somewhere in there the cops showed up and almost arrested me for being "to loud"....so yeah, not good. BUT I didnt get arrested and awoke the next morning with the most god awful hang over of my life.

So the next day before our snorkeling trip we went on a trolley tour of the island which was really informative and slow paced (something I desperatly needed to nurse my hangover) It was about an hour and the our tour guide was really funny. He kept picking on me because he knew I was trashed the night before (my husband gladly told everyone on the bus that I was severly hung over). 

Next we rented a scooter (omg i fell in love with them) we went all over the place on ours and FINALLY  my husband let me drive it...which ended badly because I actually hit someone on it. (I wasnt going fast but it was hard to steer and well, yeah...anyway....MOVING ON.

The snorkeling trip was just amazing! The "reef" was more like a rock formation. I guess they take all the tourist there so they dont mess up the nice reefs. We did see some sand sharks (which my husband nearly died because he thought he was going to be eaten by jaws!!! lol), the best part of the whole trip for me was when a family of wild dolphins swim in between the 2 groups of people. It was just an amazing expierence because over 60 people were just dead quite in the water watching these beautiful creatures swim along.

After that breathtaking moment I realized that I had forgot my wonderful sunscreen and was as red as a lobster. So I got back on the boat for the second reef and just stayed in the shade. Finally we headed in and went to a resturant called A&B LOBSTER HOUSE. Totally not worth the WAY overpriced food and horrible service. It was an "upscale resturant" and we ended up getting our whole meal comped because it was so bad (I didnt even eat my whole meal). So I would not recommend going to that place at all.

So all in all, it was a great weekend trip. Full of breathtaking moments (the sunsets are amazing and so is the wild life) and no trip anywhere would be complete without a run with with the law. LOL just kidding.

homeres says:
wow i look forward to keywest next weekend!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2009
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