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I ended up staying at my parents house on Wednesday night, which makes the trip home 2 hours less.  I was up and on the road about 9am.  I took I39/90 all the way down to Rockford and into Chicago this time around instead of I94 through Milwaukee.  I'm not sure if it was any shorter or not because by the time I was 1 hour away from the house, it started drizzling.  Then it started raining.  Then by the time we got just outside of Rockford, it was POURING!  It rained all the way to Louisville, KY.  Literally ALL the way.  I was planning on staying over in Elizabethtown, KY on Wednesday night, so when it finally stopped raining, I was only about 30 minutes from the hotel. 

I got to the Holiday Inn Express, this is where Jackie and I stayed last year on the way home.  They were great about the dogs, pet-friendly, no fee for the dogs, offered an employee rate, they put us in a room near the stairwell to go outside, overall it was great.  The room was clean, comfortable, for some reason the dogs always think they get to sleep on the bed whenever we're in a hotel too.  Since we had such a great experience with this hotel last year, I decided to stay there again this year.  They did have employee rates loaded in the computer again, so I booked it. 

When I checked in, I took the dogs into the hotel with me, because they needed a doggie-break too.  We walked around the hotel, they did their business, then rather than putting them back in the car, I just took them into the hotel and figured it would be easier to put them in the room - then grab all of my stuff out of the car.  This year, they had a sign at the front desk saying "Only 1 dog per room, $25.00 cleaning fee, maximum size 25 pounds."  I booked my reservation through our internal reservation system and none of this information had been updated in their hotel profiles.  When I walked in - they were not going to let me stay with the two dogs (and both of them being over 25 pounds.  Tyler is 30 lbs, Maggie is 37 lbs.)  I told them that since I was not notified of any change to their pet policy (and I had a note on my reservation saying I had two dogs).  They said that the reservation center just tells people to call the hotel directly.  Well, *I* booked my own room in the system, I didn't call the reservation center.  They basically were not going to let me stay with the two dogs.  So I had to pull a little "Corporate office" rank on them and tell them that they have my confirmation number and if they are not willing to honor my reservation - since the pet policy information was NOT in the system - that they'd better find me a different hotel that will accept 1) two pets, 2) the employee rate. 

The girl finally let me check in, I gave her instructions on how her general manager could update their information in their profiles - so it is consistent in ALL channels, and explained to her that with having misinformation on their profile, they are going to end up pissing off REAL, PAYING guests who will complain and call guest relations (which has a whole other set of fees for our hotels), especially if they are Platinum Priority Club Members, like I am.

Needless to say, with the front desk girl, and the front office manager (I'm assuming that's what he is, he never introduced himself) rude service, I would NEVER recommend staying at this hotel if you are looking for a pet-friendly hotel.  The room was comfortable and clean, but the way they treated me - as an employee from corporate, they just really pissed me off. 

I walked over to Arby's, got a turkey sandwich, crashed and was up and out of the hotel by 7am. 

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Clean, comfortable, not-so-pet-friendly.
I got to the Holiday Inn Express, this is where Jackie and I stayed last year on the way home. They were great about the dogs, pet-friendly, no fee f… read entire review