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So, my flights have been confirmed. I'll be jetting off from London Heathrow on October 4th! I've asked for a vegetarian meal on the flight, because the last time I flew with this particular airline I got really ill because of the food. Not much fun at all.

I prefer vegetarian food most of the time anyway. I'm definitely going to be eating meat during my trip though - I miss the taste of goat meat.

I went to see my doctor today, who was great. He remembered me from when I went to see him for my antimalarials when I went to India in June! He'd probably just looked at my notes and knew from that, but it made me feel special - no-one ever remembers me. I have a forgettable face I think.

So I came out of his office, happy, as expected. Antimalarials and Diamox for altitude sickness done. It cost me a bit more than I know I can get them, but for convenience, and as I don't have much time left, I was happy to pay it. (I get it on expenses anyway).

On the way home from the GP, my fiancé and I popped into the local fish and chip shop for the classic English snack - a cone of chips, with lots of salt and vinegar! There really is nothing better on a chilly September afternoon than a polystyrene cone full of hot, crispy but soft chips, with a sprinkling of salt, and just enough vinegar to be able to smell it evaporating with the steam!

In fact, we had a very English dinner too. I made shepherd's pie from scratch too. (Well, I say shepherd's pie, but it was made with minced beef.) My fiancé had rice pudding for dessert - again very English! I was going to have a jam sponge cake, but had a second helping of pie instead!

There's a couple of things that I think make English people English.
One - the incessant obsession with the weather, and two - a love of stodgy food. I am guilty of both.
On that note, I just probably mention how dreadful the weather has been lately. It is sunny all day when I am in my office, and the moment I step outside for lunch or to go home, it rains or is just chilly and overcast. I really don't understand where our summer has gone. If global warming really exists, it must have forgotten about Britain.

I can't wait until Wednesday when I should get the last of my things, and I can start packing for real!
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photo by: monkeymia79