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    Well, I am exactly 5 days away from embarking on my long overdue honeymoon with my honey … aww! How overdue? About 3 years overdue and if Jerrold would have had his way we would still be waiting to go somewhere. He is, as I can best describe him, a sea otter. Completely happy to float on his back, and play in the waves, drifting from one adventure to the next, wherever the sea tells him to go. As long as there is fresh food to be had, and a cozy place to sleep at night, he is as happy as a clam. Well not exactly a clam, as they are very much a part of the otter diet. So, happy as a clam can be who is not about to be eaten. Ha!

Our Timeline:

1991 �" 1992 - Jerrold and I were schoolmates at Ley Va Jr. High in San Jose, CA. He says that he remembers me, but I can’t seem to remember anything other then a strange kid with hair that flowed down to his butt. To this date we still have a bunch of friends in common from the Bulldog years.

1993-1997 �" It appears that the majority of the Ley Va class was split into 2 local high schools. Either you attended Silver Creek High (SCH) or Overfelt High (OH) and it turns out that Jerrold and I were split right down the middle. He attended OH and I SCH. We didn’t have any interactions with each other during our high school years, but still maintained common friends.

Fast Forward to the Year 2000 �" 3 years later Jerrold and I were reintroduced to each other by a common friend, Christine Lansang. You see, Christine was interested in Rocky, Jerrold’s BFF and later Bestman. One evening she called me close to 11 pm that summer and begged me to attend a party at Rocky’s house. I, being the good girl that I was, was already in bed and about to doze off to sleep, so there was significant debate as to whether I was going to attend or not. Seeing how I knew how much Rocky had sparked Christine’s interest, and I wanted to be a good friend, I filled the role as her wingman or should I say, wingwoman and went along to his party.

Of course, what does Christine do as soon as we walk through the door? “Nikki, this is Jerrold, Jerrold this is Nikki. You guys went to Ley Va together… I’ll be right back.” Those famous last words, "I’ll be right back", how may times have the wingman herd that before? Needless to say she didn’t come right back and I was stuck in the backyard of a house that I didn’t know, at midnight, with a bunch of guys, who might I say were NOT sober, specifically with a guy whom I have no knowledge or recollection of, named Jerrold.

On first sight, I completely wrote Jerrold off. There was no chemistry at all. So I took my butt over to the couch and sat down to wait out Christine’s return, you know, cause she’s gunna be right back. Jerrold followed me to the couch and sat so close to me that he pretty much sat on my right leg. Seeing how I was at the end of the couch with no room to scoot over, that is how we stayed. The both of us sitting in silence watching this guy named Alex, a now great friend and later Groomsman, sit on a wall with his hands and both feet in the air, singing, “I’m flying! I’m flying!” Oh, boy what did I get myself into? Jerrold must have seen the look on my face and decided to strike up a conversation with “have you ever felt a dead finger?” Great.

Time ticked on, Jerrold was rambling on about something and it was getting quite cold out. I must have shivered because Jerrold jumped up and went and grabbed a blanket and flung it over me. At first I was very grateful as I was cold, but then I felt all kinds of grit, like wet sand all over me. I pulled back the blanket, and just like I thought, there was wet sand all over me, ewe! “Oh, umm, we went to the beach today” was all that Jerrold could muster.

Another hour had passed, and though I have no idea how Jerrold and I ended up back in a completely pitch black house, in front of a big screen TV that showed crazy patterns of swirling colors and shapes, with wild raver music playing, and I massaging his hands with a fruity smelling lotion. OK, time to go … “Christine I’m leaving!”

With that Chris and I left the party. She rambled on about Rocky, and I rambled on about what a dork Jerrold was! How his pick up line was about a dead finger, how he threw sand all over me, and how could she leave me with him like that … and questioning when the next time we were going to hang out with them would be.

For the next few weeks Christine, Rocky, Jerrold and I hung out almost everyday at 11 pm finding all sorts of ways to get into trouble, from breaking into Raging Waters and running from the police who were called in response to noise from us riding down the slides to sitting on the beach in Santa Cruz in the wee hours of the morning… Jerrold grew on me, and I on him.

Fast Forward to the Year 2005 �" 5 years later Jerrold and I were married at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach, CA on February 19th with almost 250 of our closest friends and family in attendance. As I stated earlier, Jerrold is an otter, and if it weren’t for me asking him to marry me, we would probably be drifting together on the same wave today for God knows how long. He says that he would have gotten round to it…eventually.
Anyways, it was the wedding of my dreams… like a movie! Our colors were burgundy and white, we had a twinkle light display (looked like stars) behind the wedding party table, our initials dancing along the dance floor in lights, the top of the room was cast in a tranquil blue lighting to resemble the sky, an awesome buffet (that people still talk about today) complete with a full espresso / smoothie bar and a DJ that was amazing! He was an old white guy, but he knew how to get people up and dancing! It was perfect, even down to the bouquet toss… there was a rumble and ladies went down!

Fast Forward to the Year 2008 �"Married for 3 years, together for a total of 8 years, still just as happy and we are about to take off for our overdue honeymoon! We didn’t go right after the wedding as life just got in the way. I was just starting a new position as well as Jerrold, we were not financially ready on a big trip as we still had student loans to pay off and, and, and so here we are.

Berlin - Budapest:

This will be our second trip to Europe. We went previously, back in 2003ish for a Euro Sampler. We visited England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Then I went on to visit Prague w/o Jerrold as he had family obligations to attend to in Las Vegas. We had such a great time on the first trip, we decided to go back, only to see the eastern block … you know where the Dollar is strong. This time we will be visiting Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. We will be there for a total of 12 days touring on a royal coach with hopefully a bunch of cool people close to our age looking for a good time. Of course Jerrold and I will have our alone time together, but we are ultimately looking to meet some great new friends, eat and drink some awesome local foods and if we happen to learn something along the way, hallelujah!

General Itinerary Plans:
Day 1: Depart from SFO September 26, 2008

Day 2: Arrive Berlin
Explore and meet Tour Manager and fellow travelers for dinner.

Day 3 - 4 Berlin
      Two days to explore the German capital. Sightseeing tour through both East and West Berlin. See the remains of the Berlin Wall, historic Brandenburg Gate and the controversial Reichstag building. Visit one of the City's many museums and sample the local delicacies. Tour of some of Berlin's best night spots

Day 5 Berlin to Prague
      Heading south through Germany, stop for lunch in Dresden. Cross the border and arrive in the Czech Republic for 3 nights in Prague.
Day 6 Prague
      Two whole days to enjoy this Bohemian delight! Sightseeing tour of Hradcany Castle, the Cathedral of St Vitus, Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. A lunch time cruise, and enjoy the local nightlife.

Day 8 Prague to Vienna
     Visit the UNESCO listed town of Kutná Hora for a chance to see its impressive medieval sights. Then travel south to Vienna, the majestic capital of Austria. Sightseeing tour of the Burg Ring and check out some of the local bars.

Day 9 Vienna
      A full day of sightseeing and shopping in this amazing city. Time to visit the Palace of the Hapsburgs, St. Stephen's Cathedral and snack on a piece of apple strudel with a special dinner followed by a Mozart and Strauss concert in the fabulous Schönbrunn Palace.

Day10 Vienna to Budapest
      A short drive to the Slovakian capital, Bratislava, for some free time. Then travel to the Hungarian capital, Budapest - our stop for two nights. More bars of the city.

Day11 Budapest
     Morning sightseeing tour including the Royal Palace, Chain Bridge and Fisherman's Bastion. Afternoon free time to visit some of the fabulous museums and then a farewell river cruise with buffet dinner.

Day12 Depart Budapest ☹.

It is my plan to update the blog as we venture, so check back. I do plan on being completely honest and as detailed as I can, as I am not only keeping you in the loop, but I am also documenting another adventure in our lives for our future generations. Corny I know, but I want our future children to know that they had some cool parents who did fun and exciting stuff.

See you on the other side of the world!

Nikki and Jerrold

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