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Dobry den!  Hello from Prague! This is the first opportunity I had to jump on a computer...sorry that I have been out of contact.  Jerrold and I are having a great time. Our tour group has about 50 people in it with the majority coming from Canada and Australia and they are all  a lot of fun! Most of them are my age and range from a new doctor, police officer, to career students. I could not have asked from a better group.
Berlin was great. At first I thought it was an awful city, but I have come to love it! There is grime and graffiti everywhere and i couldn't understand why the people would let their city waste away, but then I learned that once the Wall came down it was like people expressed themselves in all forms, including graffiti, as a means to celebrate their new freedom.
The Wall is crazy! It reeks of fear and death, even today. There was actually 3 parts to the Wall. An inner wall, a Death Zone filled with raked sand (easier to see the foot prints if anyone got over the first wall)  with guards and dogs and guns, and an outer wall. How anyone made it over with their life is unknown to me, but some did ...not many.
Much of the city is newer as it was almost leveled due to WW2. You can even find bullet holes in the walls of buildings, and blackened buildings from fire. While a little creepy, it is beautiful at the same time. The city has done a great job with the restoration as most of it looks original.
My diet has been replaced with coffee, beer and sausage.  Oddly enough we are doing so much walking, I am sure that I have lost weight! Ha! Who would have thought that?
We were in Dresden for only a few hours, but it was very pretty. I wish that I could post photos for you to see, but you will just have to hold on for my return.
Prague is beautiful and completely untouched by war. It blows my mind to hear that buildings standing today originate  from the 1400s! Though I thought that I was going to go nuts at the stores, I really have nothing but photos to show for our trip. We have just been on the go,go,go and I have not had any time to buy anything but a few post cards.
i know that I am skipping over a lot but there is a line and only 1 computer so I have to go now, but remind me to tell you about the drunk guy from our tour who woke up in the mall and how we were caught between an angry mob and police during a heated demonstration.
Love you all,
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photo by: vulindlela