trial #4 to obtain traditional german food at a brauhaus.

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this is me sitting on...


i have a tendency of getting lost. well, getting lost and also preoccupied. i get sidetracked and distracted easilly. i know this, i've come to terms with it. the first 3 times i've tried to get german food i've 1> gotten lost, 2> ate something else in the meantime and then wasn't hungry anymore and then got lost, 3> got so lost that i ended up on the other side of town, couldn't find a brauhaus or ANYTHING for that matter and ended up on the rhine somewhere and then decided to head back home. well, i was determined. it was a beautiful saturday afternoon and i finished my german homework. what better way to reward myself than with german food and refreshing german beer, eh?

EEEEEEHR, WRONG!! not so much when there's a riot in the old town.

just getting INTO town was a chore and a half. the tram that normally takes 10-15 minutes to get into town was shut-down half way to the bridge due to thte bridge being closed-off by police in lieu of the riotting. i wasn't going to waste this beautiful sun staying at home!! we hardly EVER get sun here!! AND I'M FROM CALIFORNIA --I NEED MY FIX!! so i followed this russian chick from the tram to a bus station. i asked her in the most broken german i had in me where she was going. 'deutze messe haubtbahnhoff', hbh must mean that's on the other side of the river. let's follow her!! so we hopped onto a bus and the bus stopped and told us to get onto another bus that basically went the same way we had already gone. strange adventure this is becoming. then it stopped in a place called 'kalk' and said that it was the end of the line.
the polizei at the dom outside the haubtbahnhoff.
okay. where to from here? where the hell is kalk, and where have we come? you know, part of the sick fun of getting lost is that exhilaratingly fearful feeling of being so small. the world is so effing vast, you can get lost in it in a heartbeat. you're a speck in a group of specks. i happen to believe my speck is a bit more colorful and glittery in a world full of dull monochromatic specks. what was i typing about? OH YEAH, getting lost. so we're in kalk and then walked like, 5 minutes to this random train station in the middle of nowhere and waited for another 15 minutes to get our train. i kept eyeing this stroller that was randomly parked at the information thing we were standing at. i was tempted. it was calling my name. so i sat in it. after a while and weird looks i stood up again.
kolner dom.
i felt bad for its wheels. from the station hub you could see the 2 towers of the dom. it's so comforting to know that if you're ever lost in cologne, you can always find your way once you see that big-ass cathedral.

we finally get our train and make it over the bridge. this was where the adventure got interesting. the train station is a chaotic disaster in itself, people shouting and chanting, whistles blowing, stomping in unison, etc. it was nuts. but then OUTSIDE the hbf, mercy!! it was insane!! loads of police officers lined up and ready to charge random picketters, i haven't seen so many skinheads in my life. it was so strange to see all these young kids with so much hate and blind rage in their furious eyes. like wild rabid wolves.

i think this was a group of anti-fascists.
i wish i took pictures, but i was too scared. i'm not afraid to admit that either. i was scared. i mean come on, i'm asian. these dudes don't like us, right? i was out-numbered. luckilly there were a lot of anti-fascist protestors in full-effect to counteract this stupidity. here's the info i collected from college kids...

a bunch of nazis from europe decided to have a little pow-wow in koln in the old town, the altstadt. they came friday night and wanted to do their protest [legally] saturday afternoon. i guess a bunch of anti-fascists from all over europe joined together to blockade the nazis from entering the old town and then they couldn't have their little protest party. woohoo!! this didn't mean that it was over. there sadly are still many neo nazis running amuck trying to spread their bullshit hate around and tote their smug mugs, shaved heads with red painted-on swastikas.

free tibet?'s really fucking sad. like these kids have seen too much american history x and have a hard-on for chris norton. damn, i keep forgetting i'm in germany. nevermind all that up there. sorry.

well, being the tourist that i am i tried taking as many pictures as i could. i was almost at the end of my first beer when i made it to the front lines and was met by a row of police officers preventing anyone from getting intot he old town. there were some neo-nazi skinhead types causing some ruckus and making a bunch of random german noise. one of them started shouting in my face. his friends were holding him back and the people around me were kind of just staring i think. i was just staring. i really wasn't all that scared, i mean there were cops everywhere, for one, and two, this ignorant little shit wants to talk a bunch of shit i don't understand just because i'm a different color? what a fucking idiot, right? i guess in a sense it was my fault for standing at the front, but that's the adventurer in me.

i had to. this woman clown was smoking a cigarette. classy broad.
plus my camera only has 3X zoom. anyhow, i got fed up fairly quickly and threw my beer at him. it was mainly backwash anyway. the cops saw me do it, but they detained him. [woohoo!!] i mean, that was purely in self defense. i didn't do anything to provoke him, his own hate provoked his ignorant behavior. when will these idiots learn that they can't get rid of us? when will they come to terms with the fact that we're all in this worlkd together. i mean, germany is a fucking booger in the grand scheme of the world. what the fuck makes them so damn superior. excuse my colorful language, but really. germany? get the fuck over yourself.

long story short, because of the riotting i couldn't have german food at a brauhaus with beers. i settled for pomme frites [belgian fries] and 2 1-liter bottles of reisdorf kolsh and called it an afternoon.

the riot in the altstadt. and the traffic light blocking our view. >_<

trying to make my way back OVER the bridge, bullshit. forgot about that. was thinking about walking over it, but it was still blockaded, even to foot traffic. the police officers told me to try other bridges, but they wouldn't allow foot traffic to even get TO the bridges. so after trying 3 other bridges, getting extremely tired, i decided to go back to the hbf and tifure it out from there. then this nice german man helped me try to figure out a way to get back home. he was very sweet and offered to guide me around koln. he said that koln is especially beautiful at night. i told him i had seen it at night. he then spouted out all these funky places that i had never heard of that are in koln and that i simply had to see them, especially at night and that he would be more than happy to show me around and SPEND THE NIGHT AT HIS HOUSE TILL THE TRAM STARTYED GOING AGAIN.


germans are friggin' weird!!!

i made it home. an hour and a half later.

i'm starting to really loathe germany. harumph!!

2 more months and i'm OUT!!!

josefinita says:
wow, I was reading some travel posts about Koln, because actually I am moving out to Koln in a couple of months..and it is not going to be the first time I am there, But I felt that just because I am a bit different (more with a latino - mexican look) some people stares at me,, not just men, women they never saw a woman with black hair before, it is totally strange!!
Posted on: Aug 27, 2011
homeres says:
Germany is not bad, i know it is difficult learning the language and speaking it but i actually like how simple life is there...i think they are more outgoin in outdoors stuff which i never cared for until i got tricked into goin hiking thro a woods, ---few kilometers is actually a couple miles...
Posted on: Nov 01, 2008
lauro says:
hahah please dont loathe germany! you havent been to düsseldorf yet ^_^ hahaha
Posted on: Sep 21, 2008
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this is me sitting on...
this is me sitting on...
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