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Adorable Darya at the computer

Who says only people who are employed can have sick days? Adnan convinced me to stay an extra day and I decided it was just what I needed, a day to sleep late, recover from being ill and generally not have to do anything touristy. It was great, I slept until 11:30 and had brunch with Adnan's mom who had also slept late. Two of his brothers came over and with his father, mother and niece, they all went downtown to do some errands while I played catch-up on this blog. When they got back four-and-a-half year-old Darya came in and asked if she could play computer games. Well, she didn't ask in English but I gathered by the one word I did understand ("oyun" = game) and her cute facial expression that she did. There is a Turkish website, KralOyun, that has a host of different games for kids so we sat down together and tried several of them out.

Adnan playing the baglama and singing
Most we didn't understand or like but a few of them captured our attention enough to pass the time. There were games involving Spiderman, Batman, Barbie, a chef, a hairdresser and cars among others. Eventually Adnan got back from work and then it was time to have dinner. In the evening we watched another Turkish movie called Aşkiye, or "The Bandits" in English. It was also pretty good, and is a film from about 10 years ago so is sort of a classic now.

Adnan's neighbor and friend, Zefar, came over and hung out for awhile. We went to Adnan's girlfriend's house but just to park outside. This is apparently a common practice among dating youth here, but we sped away when Adnan thought he saw her parents looking out the window. We then visited his dad at work as a security guard for a window pane manufacturing company. When we got back to the house both Adnan and Zefar busted out their baglamalar, or Turkish traditional guitars, and jammed for awhile. Adnan sung melodically while they both played. It was really cool. Darya was busy spinning me around in the swivel chair to the point that I had serious vertigo, but it made for a fun occasion. Next we settled on another movie, this time an American film, Lost In Translation. It was a fitting movie to watch!

The next day was a real late one and not only that, it was raining too. I missed several buses and finally went to the bus station and caught a 4:30 bus to Antalya. I did have another good lunch before leaving and said thank you and goodbye to Adnan and his wonderful family for hosting me. It was my first time staying with a Turkish family and it was a very rewarding experience. Despite having a cold and the weather being cold, this new year was off to a good start. The sick day had done wonders for my spirit, even if I hadn't realized it at the time.

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Adorable Darya at the computer
Adorable Darya at the computer
Adnan playing the baglama and sing…
Adnan playing the baglama and sin…
photo by: zeraczl