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Denizli Welcoming Committee: Adnan's mother, niece Darya and Adnan himself

After dropping off the happy couple at the ─░zmir airport, G├╝ne┼č took me to the bus station and waited patiently in the cold for me to board my Denizli-bound bus. I had such a great time in ─░zmir but knew I had to move on to the next destination. It so happened that it was the last day of 2008 and I was heading to a city named for the sea and with a rooster as its mascot. Ironically Denizli is some 200 kilometers away from any body of water and the famed roosters, who crow so long they pass out from exhaustion, were only to be seen on statues in the city. I never did find out how the city got its name, but its real claim to tourist fame is that it is close to the white travertines of Pamukkale. But for December 31st, I had only planned on being somewhere not alone for New Year's. And this plan was fulfilled by my dynamic host Adnan and his family.

Adnan came to the bus station and greeted me with a smile. We were on the bus to his house when our conversation turned political and continued more or less for the duration of my stay. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his opinions and felt I could learn a lot since the subject frequently centered around US politics and because of recent news, the crisis in Gaza. All seriousness aside, we were able to have an respectful adult conversation about these things, just minutes before midnight. But before that we had enjoyed a home-cooked meal with Adnan's mother, brother, sister-in-law and cute-as-a-button niece (his sister's daughter). The food was completely different from other food I'd seen thus far in Turkey. We had two kinds of soups: one with lemon juice, meat, bits of flour and spices, and another with chickpeas, meat and potatoes. We also had a bowl of various greens (dandelion may have been one) and fresh ekmek (bread). Adnan and I went to the store to buy some Efes beers for the evening. I picked up some chocolate and cookies for Darya (the niece) and we hung out watching Turkish television. Adnan's brother and his wife left before midnight and aside from some scrambling to check different clocks about what time it really was, and the sounds of some fireworks outside, New Year's Eve was fairly anticlimactic. It usually is for me anyway, so this was no letdown, but it was interesting to note that there is no big countdown like in the USA. After all it's really just another day.

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Denizli Welcoming Committee: Adnan…
Denizli Welcoming Committee: Adna…
photo by: zeraczl