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My wonderful hosts in Ankara, Mehtap and Cemal

Getting up at 6am was no picnic, especially after not being able to get to sleep until after 1am. Mehtap and Cemal were still sleeping and although I didn't like leaving without saying goodbye, I didn't want to wake them up so early. So I left a note and slipped out the door and walked to a bus station. Luckily I didn't have to wait too long for the bus, and the conductor told me which bus to transfer to for a direct ride to the airport. Within an hour of leaving I was at the airport. Of course I ended up getting there too early and had to wait around. Mehtap called and told me she overslept and now was running late, so I guess I should have woken her up after all. I thanked her for all the wonderful gifts and hospitality and promised to be in touch when I am stateside.

Everything at Esenboğa Airport was expensive so I reluctantly settled for a breakfast of menemen and coffee for 15 YTL and waited until it was time for check-in.

Goodbye Turkey!
The airport looked brand new but I must have been in the remodeled section. It was large but quiet at 7:30 am, and I was the only customer in the cafe. I was fortunate that check-in was quick, painless and fee-free. They also checked my bags all the way through to Washington. I got ripped off at the money exchange booth with a 4% commission but the alternative was to carry around over $100 worth of extra lira so I settled for the low rate.

After a second security screening (the first was upon entering the airport), I walked through to the gate but had to wait outside until after 10am for yet another security check. My flight was to depart at 10:30 but we didn't begin boarding until after that time. It didn't much matter to me because I still had over three hours to wait in Frankfurt airport.

Beer and a book at Frankfurt airport
I really tried to avoid a return route going through that airport but the price differential and schedule prevented me from it. I truly detest Frankfurt's airport and it seems that I have found myself there on many occasions. At least this time when we landed they had managed to implement no smoking regulations so the air was a bit clearer. There isn't much at all to do there, and just to find a cafe I had to pass through security and into the main terminal. I sat at a table by the large windows facing the snowy runway and had a few beers while I passed the time. Already Turkey seemed like weeks far behind me.

I started reading a novel I purchased in Ankara by a Turkish author Buket Uzuner. The book is called The Long White Cloud - Gallipoli and obviously had to do with the epic World War I battle.

Watching planes come in at Frankfurt
It was one of very few English language books I could find and whether it was good or not I wasn't at much liberty to be picky about. Actually it turns out to be pretty good so far, especially having become a little familiar with the Battle of Çanakkale

I sat towards the back of the plane and had two seats to my left unoccupied, but across the aisle to my right were two elderly but rather loud Americans dressed in pantsuits and behind me a family with talkative children who took up the entire six seats across. The flight was nine hours long and I watched three mediocre movies and an episode of Two and a Half Men. It was kind of a limbo-like experience flying home. The lack of a window view and the in-flight entertainment kept me preoccupied from thinking about it but in the back of my mind it was clear to me that my trip was ending. I sank back in my reclinable seat and attempted to sleep, wondering if maybe I was already asleep and everything was just a dream.

drummerlizard says:
I feel a little weird while reading this blog... I think everybody in Turkey you met is already started to miss you...
I am sure about you had the real feel of Turkish way of living :) There is a country full of people welcomes you every time you wish.
When you start to travel, the roads you choose is much more important than your arrival point.
Posted on: Jan 16, 2009
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My wonderful hosts in Ankara, Meht…
My wonderful hosts in Ankara, Meh…
Goodbye Turkey!
Goodbye Turkey!
Beer and a book at Frankfurt airpo…
Beer and a book at Frankfurt airp…
Watching planes come in at Frankfu…
Watching planes come in at Frankf…