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04:00 AM: Got up early to catch the bus. Do not want to be late. Cannot sleep. Just trying to get used to the time changes. Saw Asian guy using PC. Waited a few minutes and able to send a few emails.

06:00 AM: Went outside to catch the bus. Very nice but cold day. Catching the bus with 2 other people.

06:15 AM Bus comes---but see that it is a United Bus not Egged but on the list. Bus goes all over city picking up people for approx. ½ hr. then departs for TLV. Lots of traffic on the road—remind me of LA. On the bus found out—that my 35-mm camera does not work—no battery. (I forgot to check the battery since I had not used it in other 9 months).

08:05 AM Arrived Tel Avi—and waited approx. 20 minutes for another bus at bus station.

It was meant to be a 5-minute wait. I went and brought some pastries—very expensive but not that much choice.

Travel pas Tieberuas where Jesus was transfigured. See tons of new trees planted on mountains in pipes to help them grow.

09:30 AM Drive through Caen.

09:45 AM Shop off for breakfast—a place to buy souvenirs. (Note: Don't buy gifts there—they are cheaper in the Old City).

10:10 AM Arrive in Nazareth. Visit the Basilica of the Announcement and Church of St. Joseph. See the crypt where they think the Royal family lived.

12:10 PM Stopped for pictures of the Golan Heights.

12:20 PM Stopped at Baptismal site in Jordan River.

I went and got my feet wet, but saw people get completely immersed. Water was pretty cold. Walking in Jesus' footsteps—very spiritual. Very warm day.

01:00 PM Drove through Tiberas and Magdel (Home of Mary).

02:00 PM Drove and stopped in Capernuim (House of Peter). Saw grotto and very nice church. Visited Franciasin monastery and excavations dating from the 4th century church. New church built over the ruins of Peter's House.

03:00 PM Stopped for lunch. I did not eat lunch. Asian man offered me money since I was not eating---thought I was hungry. He apologized and got back on his tour bus. To begin with I was a little insulted, but realized that he was trying to be nice. Just a complete opposite of people always wanting money in Old City. Made me smile—people were still trying to help another human out.

04:00 PM Stopped in Tabgha at Church of Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes.

Visited Heptapegon---Church of the Primary of St. Peter.

05:00 PM On the way back to Tel Avi and Old City.

07:30 PM Back in Old City and dropped off by hotel.

07:45 PM Visited Arabic part of the city and buy soda (cheaper than new city where all the tourists live).

08:15 PM Find cheap sandwich place for approx. 18 NIS near St. George Street. Very good instead of paying 27 NIS the day before. Went to my hotel then remember that I had forgot my sandwich. Went back to the shop at approx. 9:00 PM and they remembered me and gave me by sandwich. Today reminded me how good men can be.

11:00 PM waited for approx. 1 hr to use Internet PC. Girl was IM'ing her mother. I thought it was rather rude especially when there were people waiting. Other people have family in North America. Another girl waited over 2 hrs for internet service.

12:00 AM Took Afro-American woman outside to buy water. Very tired but great day

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