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08:00 AM: Touched down in Detroit. Saw tram whisking people around. Went outside but saw no bus stop. Asked around but was given wrong instruction to go to the other terminal. Went to the other terminal and found out that the bus did not leave till around 10:45 AM with 1 hr journey to the city. Saw sign to check the other terminal.

09:30 AM Caught bus back over to other terminal and found bus stop and bus. Bus was leaving in 5 minutes, so I got a little luckily. Driver was very helpful.

10:45 AM In downtown Detroit, but not what I expected. Lots of streets were being repaired—seemed downtrodden. Meet someone going to Casino and followed him to church. Bus was meant to leave at 11:38 AM but did not leave till 12:20 PM. While driving though the tunnel to Canada found out why bus was late---tons of cars coming from Canada to US.

12:40 PM Though customs and at hotel. Surprised for $15 only got a little over $13 Canadian. Played Wheel of Fortune but lost it all in under 20 minutes. Knew it was time to leave. Had a hard time finding bus stop. Bus stop was on a road that was closed. Surprised that bus traveled on a closed road.

Talked with bus driver seemed very nice. US Immigration gave me a hard time—asking where I was staying even though I was in transit. Took approx. 40 minutes to go though tunnel. Caught bus 125 back towards the airport at 3:00 PM. Surprised it was the same driver from the morning. What were the chances of that happening? Thought about getting off the bus, but not certain about bus schedule.

4:15 PM Got off bus at Subway station, approx. 2 miles to airport and told next bus approx. 45 minutes behind. Had sandwich and coke, and left at approx. 4:35 PM. Waited outside till 5:35 PM—no bus. Employee from Bus Company called for a taxi using her cell phone.

6:00 PM Taxi and bus come at same time. Cab fare $7 for short 2-mile ride to airport. Was willing to pay up to $50.

6:10 PM Security line no existent.

                               6:20 PM Found gate.

                               No time for gifts as getting ready to     board. Plane left at 7:15 PM.

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photo by: vulindlela