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my two boys and and in the middle my causin

In the middle of the night and a travel time of aprox 25 hours we arrived in Perth.Just a couple of minuts and we will see our family.But first we had to pass by the customs.Because of the medicals we had to take with us we had to enter the red line.The papers where ok but because our twin boy's are looking exacly the same the custom officer was not sure who was who,( he was playing around with the boy's).The kids where explaining the names and finally the officer starts laughing and the kid's saying +++++++++++!!!!!!.Then it was time to enter AustraliĆ«.My brother in law was alone,his son has to go to school so he was in bed.It was good to see him,my wife was runnig towards him like in a movie.

on our way to a local motorcross area.
We got to the car and i was waiting to enter the car when peter gave me the car keys."you wanna drive?" i said no way i"m gonna drive now. He said "what are you doing on the driver side then",and yes forgot that the steering wheel was on the another side.

After we arrived at home and see my sister in law and my nephew and talk to late it was finnaly time to go to sleep.In total we where up for 35 hours and still the boy's where playing and complaining that they had to go to bed.

AustraliĆ« is a great country,lots of space and a relaxed atmosphere.It was winter time there,but still 20 degrease C .We had a lot to do,because we will be there for only 8 days before returning home, my sister in law annemarie made a little programme.The first thing was shopping,we needed food,want to see the mall and all the another stuff they have in the area.

let the nature do the rest.
My nephew had to go to school,so we were able to see how that was working out.Our boy's like the school so much that they spent one day at school during class.(Here in holland they don't want to go to school).

Perth has a lot of things in and around to see,kings park, perth zoo,down town ect.Beautiful is the opportunity to have a BBQ in the park on a local BBQ.It was strange for the first time when we went to some things ,that we had a cooling box with us and in the afternoon went to a park to picknic.Also outside Perth you find these BBQ's and a sign to don't feed the kangaroos,we didn't saw them but Peter told me in summer time when it is full of people,the kangaroos are there.

We went to a local motorcross somewhere in the outback.My nephew is riding a bike and it was fun to walk between the real aussies,the language they speak,i didn't understand one word of it.I was walking with my kids in that part of outback a everywhere you walk dead sheaps where everywhere.The area is to big to pick them up,let the nature do his thing the say.They are  right.

After 8 days it was time to go home,but we will come back, Perth is not so far away. 


flying_dolphin7 says:
i did enjoy my Perth holidays and its not so bored as they said.
Posted on: Oct 05, 2009
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my two boys and and in the middle …
my two boys and and in the middle…
on our way to a local motorcross a…
on our way to a local motorcross …
let the nature do the rest.
let the nature do the rest.
photo by: cimtech