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after 12 hours we are almost in singapore.

After 12 hours of flying we arrived in singapore.We were all exited,for my wive and the boys it was the first time that they entered asia,and despite the fact that we only transit in singapore we all wants to know how it was there.We had three hours to walking around the airport,watching all the shops,drinking and eating some local things and looking to all the different people.At one time one the boy's asked me why there where so many childeren at the airport and if it was allowed that they are working so late.First i didn't know what he meaned but after a better explaination of his question i told him that the people in asia are shorter and looking younger than the european people and that all the people he saw as a child are adults.First he thought that i was making a joke of it but later he feel a little bit shamed of it.

After three hours it was time to go to the gate.During the check of the hand luggage i had to throw away the small bottles of wine i got from the KLM purser because it was not allowed to take that with me on the plane.Waiting to get onboard we heard that we had a delay of 2 hours because the connecting flight from london had to divert to bankok and the passengers who were going to Perth where put on a another flight to singapore.But finally after waiting for two and a half hour we were on our way to downunder,on our way to our family.

flying_dolphin7 says:
hehe i am smiling when i read this blog, your kid asking you is "Asian kid" allow to work to so late? lol
Posted on: Oct 05, 2009
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after 12 hours we are almost in si…
after 12 hours we are almost in s…
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