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Got into stockholm and got the metro to my hostel, A boat!!! yes that's right a little boat that has been converted into a hostel/hotel. it was really cute, kinda glad i am short though cause all the boys staying there were constantly smashing their heads on the roof! checked in and then went for a walk into the old town, really really beautiful city. It is built over 14 islands so loads of canals and bridges etc. apparently it is being called the venice of the north, I can totally see why.
Had a wander down the main shopping street, there were seriously about 8 H&M clothing stores in about 4 blocks, they like their clothes me thinks. After a round about stroll and stopping to watch the men fishing for herring off bridges and a protest i have no idea what was about and taking a few snaps on my disposable camera i needed a beer. Ended up in an irish pub cause they had happy hour (From 11am to 7pm!!) after having a look over some maps and trying to formulate a plan for the next few days my tum was rumbling so i went in search of a feast.
As  it is a swedish traditional dish i thought it had to be done so i found myself a lovely wee restaurant that served reindeer. I must say it was some of the most amazing meat i have ever had, and it was served with almond mashed potatoes and lingonberries (anyone know what a lingonberry actually is? kinda tastes like a cranberry) yummo!!! after that back up to the hostel via the supermarket to get my el cheapo breakfast and lunch for the next day.
Next morning had breakkie then a walk up the north part of town Sodermalm, is supposed to be the bohemian part of town and i think it is. After that made my way down to the old town again to the palace to see the changing of the guards. My god it was epic 40 piece military marching band and about 40 guards to change.
After that up to the vin and sprithistoriska museet, wine and sprit museum. Was about an hour walk away and totally hidden but I found it in the end and it was really cool, history of vodka and early swedish drinks. Walked back to town eating my cheese sandwiches on the way (a travellers best friend!) had a look at the tourist info centre then back to the boat for a rest.
Went out later and got swedish/turkish meatballs from a street vendor then back to the boat again, it was way too cold out!!! When I got back the new arrivals were there, some german guys, an aussie bloke and a german we hung out for the night, was good times.
Next day Colin (aussie) and I went off in search of all things free, first stop was the Stadsmuseet (city museum) my god I have NEVER seen such a random assortment of things!! It was like it was all the stuff that didn't fit into one of the other museums so they put it in here!! there was furniture, pop art, paintings, models, wigs....what the!?
After that went in search of some souvenirs for Colin, an hour or so later after many stuffed moose and i love sweden T-shirts he found what he was looking for and we tried to make our way to the medieval museum. ended up in a museum which didn't seem quite right so we asked and the guy said the museum 'used to be' next door but now its not. oh well time for a beer!!
Back to the irish pub for beer and BLT's. Met one of the bar tenders there who was also aussie so talked to him for a while, apparently pretty easy for us to get work visas and work there.
Then it was time for me to go the boat and get my bag so i didn't run out of time. Then back to town again for some more shop looking in which i ended up with a dress...he he. It was from H&M so kinda a souviner .
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330 km (205 miles) traveled
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photo by: Chokk