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nubble lighthouse from across the bay

York, in the county of the same name, is a sea-coast town, and
the southernmost but one in the State. Within its limits was established
the first English city in America. In 1641 a tract near the mouth of
York River, three miles square, was incorporated by Sir Ferdinando
Gorges, proprietor of the province, as the town of Agamenticus. In
1642, Gorges, desirous of a suitable capital for his Province of Maine,
replaced the town corporation by a chartered city, upon which he be-
stowed the name of Georgeana. Its limits were seven miles inland
from the sea by three in breadth; and the Agamenticus (York) River
formed its south-western boundary. The date of the first settlement
of York is not known. Edward Godfrey, once governor of the pro-
vince, affirmed that he was an inhabitant in 1629 and 1630, and “the
first that built there.

” In 1643 Gorgeana is believed to have had
between 250 and 300 inhabitants. Captain William Gorges, nephew
of the proprietor, had been appointed by him governor of the province,
having come over with his commission in 1635. He appears to have
visited England about the time of the breaking out of the war between
the Puritans and King Charles I., preceding the establishment of the
commonwealth and the protectorate of Cromwell. The death of the
proprietor of the province, Sir Ferdinando, occurring in 1647, and
nothing being heard from Governor William Gorges, the inhabitants of
Kittery, Gorgeana, Wells, and probably the Isle of Shoals, met in con-
vention at Gorgeana, and formed themselves into a confederacy for
mutual protection and just administration of the government, and Ed-
ward Godfrey was chosen governor. In 1652, when Massachusetts ex-
tended her jurisdiction over the province under a new interpretation
of the boundaries of her charter, the name of the city was changed
to York, and that of the province to Yorkshire, to avoid the city charter
and Gorges' right.
The province was taken from the control of Mass-
achusetts by the commissioners sent by Charles II., in 1664, and placed
under the protection of the king; but in 1668, by the desire of a large
portion of the inhabitants, it was again placed under Massachusetts.
In 1674, the king ordered Massachusetts to relinquish her control in
Maine, and restored the province to the heirs of Gorges. Upon this,
Massachusetts, in 1677, purchased the whole province of Maine of its
proprietors; and in 1716, York was made the shire town of the county
of Yorkshire, which was now extended over the Sagadahoc region

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nubble lighthouse from across the …
nubble lighthouse from across the…
photo by: furiousfowl