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Me and Mel
freespirit3 says:
I hear you are coming to Phoenix soon :)
Perhaps a Phx mini meet is in order to welcome our out of town guest.
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008

And with that innocent profile comment, the Phoenix meet-up (number 3) was begun!

I wanted to go to the meet-up in Vegas September 11-14, and had some fantasy foootball drafts to attend in the Northeast on August 28 and September 2, so I decided to convince the bosses that I needed to go back to the CT office for a few days then to Arizona office for a few days, after which I would take a week's vacation in the Southwest ending with the Vegas meet-up.

Group Photo #1
  Well, plans changed a little, but I managed to get to my drafts and down to Arizona for September 3-9.  This left plenty of time to agree for a meet-up!

A little back and forth on when would be best and if I had any preferences, and finally:

freespirit3 says:
Here is the information for Sat night. Hope to see you there.

CK's Tavern & Grill
4142 E Chandler Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85048
(480) 706-5564

The major crossroads are Chandler Blvd & 44th Street. From the I-10 take the Chandler Blvd exit and head west.

Time: Most everyone is shooting for arriving around 7:30-8pm.
The band 2 Knuckles Deep starts at 9:30pm and plays till close (the bar is open until 2am)

Sat night bar special: Blue Moon Pints $2.
Blue Moon and Water...dinner of champions!
and Yes, they have an outside patio.

I have also posted the details on the Arizona Group Site.
Posted on: Sep 03, 2008

Ok...7:30 meet-up at CK's.  I know the place, I know the time, so we have a plan!

I actually met up with Adrian (ACowboy) a couple times earlier in the week prior to the meet-up, so luckily there was someone at the meet-up I would recognize when I arrived.  7:30, and I'm at CK's...but no Adrian.  No one who reminds me of Robyn's profile picture.  I don't have the names of anyone else who will be there.  I did see one or two other "lost souls" wandering around, but shy guy that I am, I didn't just walk up and ask if they were TB. 

I hear from Adrian, he's running late.  What else to do...I took a seat at the bar and decided to slowly sip Blue Moon #1.  Adrian eventually arrives, and turns out three of the other "lost souls" were in fact TravBuddies.

I just couldn't decide!
..Melanie, Sandy and her husband Mark. 

For all three of them, this was their first TravBuddy meet-up...luckily, Adrian is recognizable enough that we were all able to find each other once he arrived.

Melanie is, if I remember correctly, a New Yorker, who lived recently in Moscow, totally in love with London, and currently studying Russian at ASU.

Sandy is a flight attendant for America West / US Airways based in Phoenix and lucky enough to get a lot of runs to Canada.

Mark is the voice of the Geico Gecko (just kidding).

After brief discussion, we decided to take a table out on the patio where we could drink, stay cool, not be overwhelmed by the music, and watch the ending of the ASU football game.  Blue Moon and water started to arrive at the table, soon followed by Robyn, and eventually, Donny.

Over the next five hours, we all just sat and chat.  Lots of good conversation about travel, work, life, and general.

Looking good at Last Call! Me, Donny, Robyn and Adrian.
  The Blue Moon stayed risen, and the Captain made numerous repeat appearances.  We were lucky enough to find some people to take some pictures for us.  We taunted some absent friends who we'd be meeting up with in Vegas.  In the end, some good friendships were made, and a I had a great time!

Thanks Robyn and Adrian for setting this up, and it was great to meet you all!

Robyn's Blog:

Adrian's Blog:

freespirit3 says:
You will definitely have to let us know when you make it back this way. :)
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
poohstanggt says:
Hmmmm, taunted friends as in plural?? I wasn't the only one who got picked on by you guys?? LOL!!!! Glad you guys had fun!!!
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
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Me and Mel
Me and Mel
Group Photo #1
Group Photo #1
Blue Moon and Water...dinner of ch…
Blue Moon and Water...dinner of c…
I just couldnt decide!
I just couldn't decide!
Looking good at Last Call!  Me, Do…
Looking good at Last Call! Me, D…
Blue Moon...yum!
Blue Moon...yum!
I need a new camera phone
I need a new camera phone
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