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After 10 years twiddling my thumbs in Birmingham I'm now 18 months into a grand journey around this wonderful & widest of worlds! I've been all over (well a small slice of the planet anyway) with occasionally little rhyme or reason but have finally washed up in the country longed for by my dreams... INDIA! Please join me and give further purpose to my steps by smiling any time at my words, thoughts and pics; it really means a lot to this happy though oft-lonely traveller ;D

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August 23rd, 2008Brighton, England
August 24th, 2008Portsmouth, England
August 24th, 2008Brighton, England
August 25th, 2008Saint-Malo, France
August 26th, 2008Carnac, France
August 27th, 2008Paris, France
August 28th, 2008Paris, France
August 29th, 2008Sint Niklaas, Belgium
August 30th, 2008Leiden, Netherlands
August 31st, 2008Leiden, Netherlands
September 1st, 2008Meppel, Netherlands
September 2nd, 2008Berlin, Germany
September 3rd, 2008Halle, Germany
September 4th, 2008Dresden, Germany
September 5th, 2008Prague, Czech Republic
September 6th, 2008Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
September 7th, 2008Vienna, Austria
September 8th, 2008Vienna, Austria
September 9th, 2008Salzburg, Austria
September 10th, 2008Innsbruck, Austria
September 11th, 2008Bludenz, Austria
September 12th, 2008Silvretta, Austria
September 13th, 2008Davos, Switzerland
September 14th, 2008Saint Moritz, Switzerland
September 15th, 2008Swiss Alps, Switzerland
September 16th, 2008Zermatt, Switzerland
September 17th, 2008Milan, Italy
September 18th, 2008Milan, Italy
September 19th, 2008Verona, Italy
September 20th, 2008Venice, Italy
September 21st, 2008Murano, Italy
September 22nd, 2008Venice, Italy
September 23rd, 2008Florence, Italy
September 24th, 2008Florence, Italy
September 25th, 2008Pisa, Italy
September 26th, 2008Cinque Terre, Italy
September 27th, 2008Riomaggiore, Italy
September 28th, 2008Cinque Terre, Italy
September 29th, 2008Rome, Italy
September 30th, 2008Vatican City, Italy
October 1st, 2008Rome, Italy
October 2nd, 2008Larnaca, Cyprus
October 10th, 2008Lefkara, Cyprus
October 15th, 2008Paphos, Cyprus
October 17th, 2008Cairo, Egypt
October 18th, 2008Alexandria, Egypt
October 19th, 2008Cairo, Egypt
October 20th, 2008Cairo, Egypt
October 21st, 2008Aswan, Egypt
October 22nd, 2008Abu Simbel, Egypt
October 23rd, 2008Aswan, Egypt
October 24th, 2008The Nile, Egypt
October 25th, 2008Luxor, Egypt
October 26th, 2008Luxor, Egypt
October 28th, 2008Hurghada, Egypt
October 31st, 2008Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
November 1st, 2008Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
November 6th, 2008Dahab, Egypt
November 7th, 2008Dahab, Egypt
November 8th, 2008Wadi Musa, Jordan
November 9th, 2008Petra, Jordan
November 10th, 2008Petra, Jordan
November 11th, 2008Madaba, Jordan
November 12th, 2008Wadi Rum, Jordan
November 15th, 2008Doha, Qatar
November 23rd, 2008Kathmandu, Nepal
November 24th, 2008Kathmandu, Nepal
November 26th, 2008Pokhara, Nepal
November 27th, 2008Ghandruk, Nepal
November 28th, 2008Deurali, Nepal
November 29th, 2008Deurali, Nepal
November 30th, 2008Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal
December 1st, 2008Chhomrong, Nepal
December 2nd, 2008Tadapani, Nepal
December 3rd, 2008Ghorepani, Nepal
December 4th, 2008Tatopani, Nepal
December 8th, 2008Kagbeni, Nepal
December 9th, 2008Jomson, Nepal
December 10th, 2008Pokhara, Nepal
December 11th, 2008Pokhara, Nepal
December 13th, 2008Sauraha, Nepal
December 14th, 2008Sauraha, Nepal
December 16th, 2008Patan, Nepal
December 18th, 2008Nagarkot, Nepal
December 19th, 2008Kathmandu, Nepal
December 21st, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
December 22nd, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
December 25th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
December 27th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
December 29th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
December 30th, 2008Pai, Thailand
December 31st, 2008Pai, Thailand
January 2nd, 2009Mae Hong Son, Thailand
January 3rd, 2009Mae Hong Son, Thailand
January 5th, 2009Chiang Dao, Thailand
January 7th, 2009Sukhothai, Thailand
January 10th, 2009Railay, Thailand
January 11th, 2009Railay, Thailand
January 12th, 2009Railay, Thailand
January 14th, 2009Koh Lipe, Thailand
January 15th, 2009Koh Lipe, Thailand
January 17th, 2009Langkawi, Malaysia
January 18th, 2009Langkawi, Malaysia
January 19th, 2009Penang, Malaysia
January 20th, 2009Penang, Malaysia
January 23rd, 2009Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
January 24th, 2009Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 25th, 2009Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 27th, 2009Malacca, Malaysia
January 29th, 2009Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
February 2nd, 2009Ko Phayam, Thailand
February 8th, 2009Ko Phayam, Thailand
February 10th, 2009Ang Thong, Thailand
February 11th, 2009Koh Samui, Thailand
February 15th, 2009Koh Phangan, Thailand
February 18th, 2009Koh Phangan, Thailand
February 27th, 2009Huay Xai, Laos
February 28th, 2009Luang Prabang, Laos
March 1st, 2009Luang Prabang, Laos
March 3rd, 2009Luang Prabang, Laos
March 4th, 2009Vang Vieng, Laos
March 5th, 2009Vang Vieng, Laos
March 6th, 2009Vientiane, Laos
March 8th, 2009Champasak, Laos
March 9th, 2009Don Khong, Laos
March 10th, 2009Don Det, Laos
March 11th, 2009Don Det, Laos
March 13th, 2009Siem Reap, Cambodia
March 14th, 2009Angkor, Cambodia
March 15th, 2009Angkor, Cambodia
March 17th, 2009Phnom Penh, Cambodia
March 18th, 2009Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
March 19th, 2009Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
March 20th, 2009My Tho, Vietnam
March 21st, 2009Can Tho, Vietnam
March 22nd, 2009Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
March 24th, 2009Mui Ne, Vietnam
March 26th, 2009Da Lat, Vietnam
March 27th, 2009Da Lat, Vietnam
March 29th, 2009Hoi An, Vietnam
March 30th, 2009Hoi An, Vietnam
March 31st, 2009Hue, Vietnam
April 3rd, 2009Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
April 4th, 2009Cat Ba Island, Vietnam
April 7th, 2009Ninh Binh, Vietnam
April 9th, 2009Hanoi, Vietnam
April 10th, 2009Hanoi, Vietnam
April 11th, 2009Sapa, Vietnam
April 12th, 2009Sapa, Vietnam
April 14th, 2009Hekou, China
April 16th, 2009Yuanyang, China
April 19th, 2009Luoping, China
April 20th, 2009Dali, China
April 21st, 2009Dali, China
April 23rd, 2009Lijiang, China
April 24th, 2009Tiger Leaping Gorge, China
April 26th, 2009Shangri-La, China
April 28th, 2009Deqin, China
April 29th, 2009Deqin, China
April 30th, 2009Deqin, China
May 2nd, 2009Deqin, China
May 7th, 2009Chengdu, China
May 8th, 2009Chengdu, China
May 10th, 2009Leshan, China
May 11th, 2009Chengdu, China
May 13th, 2009Xi'an, China
May 16th, 2009Beijing, China
May 17th, 2009Beijing, China
May 20th, 2009Hangzhou, China
May 21st, 2009huang shan, China
May 23rd, 2009Shanghai, China
May 25th, 2009Shanghai, China
May 26th, 2009Larnaca, Cyprus
June 17th, 2009Paphos, Cyprus
June 23rd, 2009Sofia, Bulgaria
June 26th, 2009Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria
June 28th, 2009Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
June 29th, 2009Ruse, Bulgaria
July 1st, 2009Bucharest, Romania
July 4th, 2009Corbu, Romania
July 7th, 2009Brasov, Romania
July 9th, 2009Sibiu, Romania
July 11th, 2009Budapest, Hungary
July 13th, 2009Budapest, Hungary
July 15th, 2009Pecs, Hungary
July 17th, 2009Zagreb, Croatia
July 20th, 2009Split, Croatia
July 22nd, 2009Dubrovnik, Croatia
July 25th, 2009Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
July 26th, 2009Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
July 28th, 2009Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
July 29th, 2009Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina
July 31st, 2009Belgrade, Serbia
August 2nd, 2009Sofia, Bulgaria
August 6th, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
August 8th, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
August 11th, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
August 13th, 2009Selcuk, Turkey
August 14th, 2009Pamukkale, Turkey
August 17th, 2009Egirdir, Turkey
August 19th, 2009Konya, Turkey
August 21st, 2009Goreme, Turkey
August 23rd, 2009Goreme, Turkey
August 24th, 2009Karadut, Turkey
August 27th, 2009Sanliurfa, Turkey
August 29th, 2009Mardin, Turkey
August 30th, 2009Diyarbakir, Turkey
August 31st, 2009Hasankeyf, Turkey
September 3rd, 2009Van, Turkey
September 4th, 2009Bahcesaray, Turkey
September 7th, 2009Kars, Turkey
September 9th, 2009Ankara, Turkey
September 12th, 2009Safranbolu, Turkey
September 19th, 2009Istanbul, Turkey
September 28th, 2009New Delhi, India
October 1st, 2009Agra, India
October 4th, 2009Jaipur, India
October 9th, 2009Pushkar, India
October 13th, 2009Udaipur, India
October 15th, 2009Jaisalmer, India
October 17th, 2009Jaisalmer, India
October 18th, 2009Jodhpur, India
October 22nd, 2009New Delhi, India
October 27th, 2009Shimla, India
November 3rd, 2009Manali, India
November 8th, 2009McLeod Ganj, India
November 11th, 2009Amritsar, India
November 12th, 2009Amritsar, India
November 25th, 2009Dehradun, India
December 6th, 2009Varanasi, India
December 12th, 2009Varanasi, India
December 17th, 2009Varanasi, India
December 20th, 2009Bodh Gaya, India
December 25th, 2009Darjeeling, India
December 30th, 2009Gangtok, India
December 31st, 2009Gangtok, India
January 3rd, 2010Pelling, India
January 7th, 2010Pelling, India
January 9th, 2010Kolkata, India
January 11th, 2010Kolkata, India
January 14th, 2010Chennai, India
January 14th, 2010India
January 16th, 2010Chennai, India
January 22nd, 2010Hampi, India
February 2nd, 2010Mysore, India
February 3rd, 2010Mysore, India
February 10th, 2010Madurai, India
February 17th, 2010Kochi, India
February 23rd, 2010Munnar, India
March 2nd, 2010Alleppey, India
March 15th, 2010Kanyakumari, India
March 16th, 2010Kanyakumari, India
March 18th, 2010Negombo, Sri Lanka
March 21st, 2010Kandy, Sri Lanka
March 29th, 2010Vavuniya, Sri Lanka
April 1st, 2010Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
April 10th, 2010Galle, Sri Lanka
April 14th, 2010Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 14th, 2010Colombo, Sri Lanka
April 17th, 2010Jakarta, Indonesia
April 24th, 2010Pulau Weh, Indonesia
April 25th, 2010Pulau Weh, Indonesia
May 1st, 2010Bukit Lawang, Indonesia
May 7th, 2010Lake Toba, Indonesia
May 10th, 2010Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia
May 14th, 2010Singapore
May 15th, 2010Singapore
May 18th, 2010Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia