An introduction and a disclaimer.

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MUJU red! (Aztec-fire Muju for when the skies are blue and the sun is out)

An Introduction :

Just a brief word here before I continue on my journey in earnest. 

So yep, time to tackle the world and for the most part imagine I will be doing this mostly solo but meeting some fabulous and funky people along the way.  At the time of writing I am glad to say this has already been the case.  Whilst travelling alone (to begin with) technically I will not be entirely unaccompanied on my trip as I will have my faithful travel companion MUJU with me for the ride.  He's a very cute, sweet little guy who likes to get around, see the world and especially the wonders of nature.

He represents a character created by my sister's partner (Mr Muju) and who they both work hard and creatively to design and make magic with within the world.

MUJU blue! (Clouds and magic waterfall-rainbows and waves for the world of nature that he inhabits)
  He's very friendly so I'm sure he'd be happy to meet you.  Principally he has a home at and hopefully in time his adventures around the world with myself will be on display there as well as Travbuddy.

The little Muju I am travelling with is hand-stitched by my sister and has two sides, one a radiant aztec-sunburst gold, orange and red, and the other a scenic blue with clouds so his mood and colour can suit any destination he finds himself in.

A Disclaimer :

On the rare occasions I'm able to find the time to update the blog I hope it's enjoyable (if often a little lengthy).  As entries will often be being written many days or even weeks after the event you will have to excuse patchy memory as it goes along!  This will include incorrect dates, names, mispellings, mispronounciations and frequent 'artistic licence' with both places, dates, historical 'facts' and stories and all the rest.  I'm happy to be corrected on all points and apologise for any serious ommissions, errors or falsehoods :)  Any photos that are not my own (not often) WILL be credited to the authors and likewise whenever any info or other work of art, literature etc is sited I will try o reference it correctly... if I can or if I can be bothered.


With that over I thank you.  You may procede ;-)


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MUJU red!  (Aztec-fire Muju for wh…
MUJU red! (Aztec-fire Muju for w…
MUJU blue! (Clouds and magic water…
MUJU blue! (Clouds and magic wate…
photo by: petit_gooroo