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Kids pop onto the bus to Hurghada to dry to sell some dried wares.

[Camera and egypt photos kindly returned to me and now updated... although admittedly they are pretty uninspired for this entry... reflecting Hurghada itself in some ways :(   ]

My final morning in Luxor.  This afternoon I will board a coach to take the approx 250km trip from here to Hurghada on the mid-eastern coast of mainland Egypt.  Then from there it is by cattermeran that I will travel across the Red Sea, just south of the entrance to the Gulf of Suez to Sharm el-Sheikh in on the Sinai peninsula.

Entrepreneurial kids.

I'm taking it easy just killing time today.  No can do on blog updates as the hotel computers have remained on the blink the entire time I've been here.  Man I miss my laptop :(  Oh well.  No point moping.  To pass an hour or so I stroll down to the corniche and pay a visit to the Mummification Museum.  Sounds pretty spooky and intriguing.  At EGP40 to enter it turns out to be a little bit of a disappointing affair constituting as it does only a single, large room of exhibits and artefacts relating to the culture of Egyptian mummification.  It packs a high amount of interest into its modest space though with some well-kept examples of funerary equipment and relics from around Luxor and greater egypt.  Information on the jackal-headed god of mummification Annubis is in abundance as well as the actual mummy of some ancient city army commander or something.

M'good buddy Pierre arriving at Sharm el Sheikh after the hurghada ferry.
  My eye is caught most by an elegant if creepy cord-bound mummy of a cat that reminds me strongly of some cover illustrations for my favourite graphic comic series the Sandman by the genius Dave McKean. 

This diversion has not passed nearly enough time so I head up and walk around the outisde of the Luxor Temple where I bump into Pierre-Marc the genial French-Canadian traveller I first met in and have not seen since my time in King Tut's hostel in Cairo.  He's got a cold and about to go in search of a horse or donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings.  Doesn't sound like the best cure for the common cold to me but "heck! why not!".  It seems we're both likely to bump into each other in Hurghada tomorrow morning for the boat over the Sharm so fingers crossed for good company on the crossing.

  For now I drift through some second hand book stores and buy some supplies for the onward journey.  As I make my final return to the Queen Valley Hotel my heart lurches as all of a sudden grinning before me like a farcical phantom apparition is Captain Calamity himself, the infamous felucca hand Sayeed "AAAggh!"  what on earth is he doing here?!  Please, please, please, please, pleeeeease don't let him have anything to do with my impending arrangements!!!

...fortunately he does not.  He's visiting family in Luxor and at the hotel to greet some new victims.... I mean, new customers.  I take them aside and only half jokingly warn them that he's a crackpot.  They laugh this off good naturedly, but dismissively.  Oh yeah, they were warned.  I wonder if they ever made it back home?  "Hey ho!" :D

Mimo escorts me by taxi after lunch to the bus station out of town where tickets are handed over and I sit and wait on Egypt Time with a couple of Italians and Americans for the coach to eventually turn up.

The ferry boat from Hurghada to Sharm el Sheikh.
  I enjoy this journey very much for the scenes of everyday Egyptian life that play out all the way along the route as we peel further and further away from the life force of the Nile's watery arterial line through the country.  The coach stops from time to time and small children from the local village skip onto the coach and walk up and down the isle trying to hawk little bags of what looks like boiled chick peas or corn kernals.

It is dark and quite late (21.00+) when we arrive in Hurghada.  The Atef Plan is working perfectly again as whilst the other travellers from the coach spill out disorientated and so far bedless for the night, all I have to do is hoist my backpack into the taxi hailed by the man with my name on the board and be driven to my hotel for the night.  Hurghada feels big.  It doesn't seem pretty.  A large strip of neon and naffness stretching some miles along the coastline with endless bars, fast food restaurants, souvenir and dive shops.  The usual tourist economy mess.  Hurghada I gather, like Sharm el-Sheikh, only really exists as a result of the boon from the diving tourism industry and this shows, even at this time of night.  I am not disappointed to know I will be out of here in 12 hours time.

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Kids pop onto the bus to Hurghada …
Kids pop onto the bus to Hurghada…
Entrepreneurial kids.
Entrepreneurial kids.
Mgood buddy Pierre arriving at Sh…
M'good buddy Pierre arriving at S…
The ferry boat from Hurghada to Sh…
The ferry boat from Hurghada to S…
photo by: maka77