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Happy New Year from my trusty travel companion Muju!

'Moving, just keep moving, Till I don't know what's sane,
I've been moving so long, The days all feel the same.'

- Moving, Supergrass

'And how long will I run for?  Who am I running from?'

- A New Decade, The Verve

Well, 'Bang goes another year, in and out of one ear...' as another of my teenage faves used to sing.  A whole calendar year, all 365 days of it spent outside of the UK.  Away from Home.  'Stevie was not present in 2009'.  He can only apologise for having gone AWOL in the world for such a significant period of time.  I hadn't quite thought of it like this 'til I just called my sis from the chilly hills of Gangtok in Sikkim to wish her the best for the coming year.

TB love for the new decade :)
  The coming decade no less!  "Yipes!"

For yes as I type these words 'The Noughties' are about to draw to a close.  Where they went, nobody knows.  What, where and who was I and why, for all that time and who and where ought I to find myself next in the next ten years?  The last decade, one that probably should have counted for a whole heck of a lot - but I'm not entirely convinced this was so.  No offence to all the wonderful cast of supporting actors and actresses and friends in my life.  Nope, in a moment of extreme flippancy on my part, Kate (m'darlin' sis) was happy to let me sum it up as 'Mostly boring with traumatic interludes.'  This of course is a gross simplification - let's call it an abuse of the truth... but hey, well, moving on, look where the last 16 months of the decade saw me!  EVERYWHERE!  You guys - my faithful TB chums and constant ethereal mega-global-Net travel-companions - know this better than most.

'I spy with my little third-eye... THE FUTURE!' ;D
  What a lucky boy I've been.  No complaints on the finale to the decade!

'But where from here on in?'  Now there's a question.  A poser.  A predicament.  A potential of tantalising and terrifying proportions.  A question that I have to ask myself practically every other day whilst on The Road ( 'Where and what next and how?' ), but one that as I crest the New Decade I seriously need to start applying to larger considerations in life.  Decisions of greater consequence than 'Do I drop straight down to Kolkata or is there time to squeeze in Assam?' or 'Do I take the scutty dormitory or the private room with en-suite roaches?' As I said in the call to my Grandmother this evening, 'My future Nanny is more uncertain right now than it has been at any other time in my life.

' ... well, if you ignore the messy chaos and chase of the moments immediately preceding the serendipitous moment of my conception anyhow.  It's that always-avoid-where-possible Big Question ain't it - What does the future hold and where to place my hands for it to most successfully mould?

It's for sure a decade that has to count.  As far as such measures of Life and 'success' go.  Once I finally stop my personal orbit around this Third Rock from the Sun and get me ass home I've a foreboding feeling I'll have to start taking adult life awfully seriously at last.  Start ticking those big, so far blank check-boxes on the Self Assessment Pro-forma of Life.  The box marked 'Job'.  The box marked 'Career' (whatever one of those is?!?).  The box marked 'Success?'  The box marked 'Long-term Relationship' (whatever one of those is?!?).

One year older and not a jot wiser so I've grown a beardy to try and look all clever and knowledgable :P
  The box marked 'Love' (optional but desirable I'm told).  The boxes marked 'Marriage' and 'Family' and 'Happiness Ever After'.  Other boxes marked 'Success?'  So many boxes!

So how long will I run for?  And who or rather what am I running from?  I dunno.  Nowt really.  Just killing time in spectacularly enjoyable fashion.  Turning my life into one long pleasurable bout of international procrastination.  It didn't feel like I was running away from anything when I set out.  Nor that I'm particularly avoiding anything in continuing to pace about the globe - well, apart from responsibilities anyway.  But I dunno, the longer that I go, the more it feels like I am avoiding something.  Escaping something intangible.

Maps etc...
  Decisions probably.  It's true there's a certain momentum that's picked up behind me.  The idea; the experience of freedom gathers momentum too like a runaway train.  ( 'Never coming back' )  Life as a little Newton's Cradle or one of those magnetic gyroscopes that once you set it swinging or spinning at just the right pitch, never stops moving - until some spoil sport or unforeseen force draws all motion to a halt. 

But no, 2010 is The Year Stevie Comes Home.  Can't say when 'cos the man don't know... and I wouldn't tell ya anyways.  Never give away the end of a good story!  And, when the dust has settled (on top of my passport) I'll just have to start working the rest out bit by bit by bit.  Start contemplating those little boxes life gets apportioned into.

The world is full of boxes for you to tick...
Or maybe?... how much is a flight from London to Tokyo anyways? ;D

As a final word I want to take the opportunity once again to thank all of you, my TB friends, for every moment of support and friendship and encouragement you've given me throughout 2009!  Incredible.  Heart warming.  Necessary.  Hell, as a lonely old soul on The Road some days I'd quite literally be lost without ya... truly!  And my sense of geography's bad enough as it is!  The map of the world.  The map of my heart.  Both equally confused but infused with great energy by your attentions.  So I wish you all, all of the best and every happiness and success in everything that you turn your heads, hearts and heels to in 2010 and throughout the New Decade.  Yes, keep those itchy feet a twitchin' and those travel-boots a kickin'!  They were made for walkin' after all.  And remember folks, next time when your looking at that Self Assessment Pro-forma of Life don't worry too much about all the boring cr*p.  Life's too short.  The decade young.   And there's all those other boxes, like the one marked 'India', the box marked 'Africa', the box marked 'China' and the boxes marked 'Europe', 'Southeast Asia', 'Antarctica', 'Latin America', 'The United States of America' and 'Canada' and 'Australia' and, yes, 'Timbuctu' and 'Nukulaelae' too (Whatever one of those is?!?) and on and on and moving on, keep moving on, keep moving...

Africancrab says:
OMG Steve, yeah no wonder the days all feel the same. I say keep moving . . . thanks for sharing
Posted on: Feb 04, 2010
irmayu says:
wow, man, this is one big and crazy, fuzzy, dizzy journey and i LOVE IT! :)
Posted on: Feb 03, 2010
sylviandavid says:
Steve... This sounds so final.... but you are still traveling aren't you?.... I thought your profile said march or so.... :) Maybe this is just closing out 2009 .... 2010 is still waiting to be traveled!

Keep Trucking and writing... People at home in their livingrooms depend on it!!!!! (just to create a sense of obligation in you!!) Sylvia
Posted on: Jan 28, 2010
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Happy New Year from my trusty trav…
Happy New Year from my trusty tra…
TB love for the new decade :)
TB love for the new decade :)
I spy with my little third-eye...…
'I spy with my little third-eye..…
One year older and not a jot wiser…
One year older and not a jot wise…
Maps etc...
Maps etc...
The world is full of boxes for you…
The world is full of boxes for yo…
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