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I arrived in Davos yesterday evening and found decent private accommodation with little difficulty and at the same cost as the dormitory hostel, not so great for the social element but I am bone weary at the moment and would make poor company.


Today I have to make a few decisions about the next steps.  The plan all along has been to treat myself to a run over (and through) the Swiss Alps on The Glacier Express train but for this, if possible I want great weather to make the most of what will be an extravagant, but panoramically superb 7 hour journey.  So  for juuuust once in my life I’m willing to glance at a 5 day weather forecast.

One of my fave public art moments of my trip so far and fabulously apt given the rain that was about to descend.
  It says heavy rain today (and later I will realise I should have taken fair warning from this!), rain and clouds but some sun tomorrow and back to sunny days and happy times come Monday.  Bonza.  There it is then.  A nice ‘day off’ in Davos, a train to St.Moritz tomorrow morning and then the Glacier Express to Zeermat at 9.19am on Monday “woo-hoo!”


So today is an opportunity to catch up on some journal typing.  At the time of writing (today 13/09/08) I am STILL yet to publish my first blog entries on the net and there are large portions of the journey yet to be given textual consideration.  I’m beginning to feel like a naughty schoolboy who’s handing in a late homework assignment… “please Miss, it was the dog wot swallowed me laptop, honest it were!”


But the morning rain (for yes, rain there has been) clears and I feel I must say “hi!” to the town by day after my stroll through it last night.

  I stroll all the way the length of town, and quaint enough it seems.  More lovely mountain scenery on all sides with various cablecars and funicular railways floating up and down the slopes into the mists.  Davos is the highest town in Europe (apparently) and only known previously in my mind as the annual venue for the “good and the gr8” of the Glorious G8 with their various power mongering goons and sycophants to come and attend the World Economic Forum and splurge hot air into the mountain atmosphere whilst the world continues to spin in often torturous and infinite forms of social iniquity of their previous and cunning devise.


I walk all the way through town to Davosersee (Lake Davos) and admire briefly the view.  Again those mischievous fog banks are fingering their clammy way through the wooded hilltops on the far side of the lake and before I know it again The Fog is upon me and the lake is being swallowed.

Writing etc... hotel-bound by the rain.
  I decide to turn tail and stroll back to the Alte Poste Hotel, however I am caught out and every single step of the way is made in the pouring rain.  It is only with each foot laid before the other, weighed down with the damp and my displeasure that I realise quite how flippin’ far I have strolled.  Kilometre after kilometre.  I am soaked to the bone by the time I reach ‘home’ and at the time of writing can confirm that We are definitely NOT amused!


Afterword : [as I upload 09/10/08 I notice that what REMAINS the one and ONLY proper day of rain so far in my meteorologically miraculous journey it was - of course - on the 13th of the month! ;D  by that reckoning I am gonna get p*ssed all over again next Monday... I'm in Cyprus, it's never gonna happen folks! Sorry. ;) ]

Ladywes says:
Remember sunshine boy that it's been raining lots in England since you left, so no need to be dampened by this one downpour....
... didn't you say you got rain in Cyprus this time round?
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008
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One of my fave public art moments …
One of my fave public art moments…
Writing etc... hotel-bound by the …
Writing etc... hotel-bound by the…
Cable car in Davos.
Cable car in Davos.
Davosersee (Davos Lake)
Davosersee (Davos Lake)
The mist rolls in (again) towards …
The mist rolls in (again) towards…
Weird, cute balcony to my hotel ro…
Weird, cute balcony to my hotel r…
LOL, dont buy here, its all fake…
LOL, don't buy here, it's all fak…
Raindy day art in Davos.
Raindy day art in Davos.
photo by: Stevie_Wes