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I missed you but tried to be strong.
I was at the backyard, just relaxing when I heard someone was ringing the bell. Nanny answered and then I listened that familiar sound "tac tac tac" mmm, is that what I was thinking? Yes! It's mom!!! and their boots!!! hahaha

She came straight to the kitchen. When she opened the door, I jumped and jumped, hehehe. Of course, first thing she did was giving me a hug. I'm so glad she's back, yay! I was telling her that nanny arrived on Monday, so she was taking care of me the last 2 days. Before that I was trying to behave, but the food is always a problem. Grandma gave me breakfast and grandpa fed me at lunch, hahaha. Yes, I have breakfast, lunch and dinner :P

Then grandma arrived and also grandpa. Mom wasn't even able to change her shoes. I didn't want to let her go anywhere, hahaha.
ok, what did you bring me?
Finally, she could leave, but just to bring her bag. Mmm, wasn't it bigger, when she left? I could fit in that bigger bag, mmm. Anyway, she was opening it and I started to search inside and I found it! My favorite food! Yay!!! Shawn sent that for me, yay!!!

Mom stayed with grandma and grandpa having a cup of tea. I didn't want to eat dinner, but when I saw mom was staying I started to eat all my food! Everything! I was showing mom, I was a good kid and she shouldn't believe is somebody said I wasn't behaving :P

Ok, she wanted to go upstairs but didn't leave me behind, yay! I wouldn't stay away from her a single minute. I have to watch all her steps, you never know when she's thinking about traveling again, hopefully not too soon...
yadilitta says:
Posted on: Sep 19, 2009
kerisina says:
Well done Gunther, it seems that daddy is doing brownie points !!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: Sep 19, 2009
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I missed you but tried to be stron…
I missed you but tried to be stro…
ok, what did you bring me?
ok, what did you bring me?
eating all my food
eating all my food
mmm, thats mom favorite toy...
mmm, that's mom favorite toy...
you are here!!!
you are here!!!
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