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what did granpa just say? Will mom go somewhere further away and for longer? noooooooooo
It was a regular Friday, at least I thought so until I noticed mom was crazier than usual... Mmm, she was happy she finished a translation and instead of relaxing, she started to go upstairs and downstairs the whole time. What was going on? Then I checked the clock and it was time for her to go to the gym, so maybe that was the reason, but still was a bit strange.

Then she came back and granpa arrived to say good bye... it was Friday, the day mom and grandma have their daughter-mother lunch... so why is he saying Good bye? Oh no! She's leaving!!! Then I saw her carrying a backpack with that ugly Minigunther inside... Don't take the fake one, take me, mom!!! I got so worried thinking mom would leave for a long time, because I remembered the Good bye party, but wait a minute she just had a small backpack. Pfff, she might not go away for long.

Since I was so nervous, mom talked to me and promised she'd be back on Monday at the latest. Ok, mom, I will be a good boy, eat all my food and won't be annoying, but you have to come back on Monday as promised. What a relief! The big Good bye party was just for a weekend out of town. I was thinking she'd go somewhere for a long time. I was feeling much better, when I hear grandpa saying to my mom: "That's a good thing you're leaving for a couple of days, so Gunther would get used to the idea before you leave..." Ok, ok, what was going on? Will mom leave again soon? and for longer? nooooooooooooooooooo
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what did granpa just say? Will mom…
what did granpa just say? Will mo…
Where do you think you are going, …
Where do you think you are going,…
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