oh yes! I'm 100% Peruvian, hehehe

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100% Peruvian, no doubts about it. Gunther & Inca Kola!
as if there was any doubt about it, I proved today - again - that I'm 100% Peruvian, yay!

It was a regular Sunday at Yadi's land. Mom would have lunch with my grandparents. Nobody wanted to cook or do much. So they - actually we - had some grilled chicken and they were even lazy to prepare a lemonade or juice, so better to have some soda. Which one? Inca Kola, hahaha.

Mom took me for a walk early today and since I always give her a hard time when I'm supposed to eat, she promised me to go for a long walk since I was a good boy and finished all my food, hehehe. And what did I do? Finishing every single piece of my food, hahaha. Usually when I finish all my food without giving extra work, mom gives me something special, but I ran out of my treats...

So, grandma asked: "Do you think Gunthercito would like Inca Kola?" Weird, eh? not at all, the weird thing is that I loved it! hahaha. Mom was so happy that she was even clapping, hahaha. Grandpa said that I'm a crazy dog, but mom said: "No, my baby is not crazy! He's unique!" Yes, mom, you are right!

We went for a long walk and when we were back grandpa was having "mazamorra morada" a traditional dessert here which is the purple corn pudding and guess what... I liked it too, hahaha. Mom and grandpa started to count all the Peruvian dishes I like and they are quite a lot, hahaha. Nobody can say I'm not 100% Peruvian!
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100% Peruvian, no doubts about it.…
100% Peruvian, no doubts about it…
lets go!
let's go!
photo by: rsvpme