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mom, what's going on???
Yesterday mom took me to the grooming and I heard she was talking on the phone saying I was ready for tomorrow, mmm. What would happen tomorrow? During the whole day she was running from one place to another. She attended to an uncle's birthday lunch, came back home, but didn't stay for long. In less than 15min she was gone again! Mom!!!!

I was a bit afraid she wouldn't come back until late, but it wasn't even 5:30pm and she was already back, yay! And she was carrying some boxes and a red bag... Then she started to move the furniture in the living room... What's going on? Then I realized it! A party! Since mom was making all the decisions, I assume it was mom's which meant I'd be invited and free to walk around all the place, sweet!

Ok, ok, I accept it, I haven't behaved the best.
I wanted to be part of the pictures!!! "Mom, carry me!!"
I was running from one place to another and in order to keep me quiet, mom gave me a chew toy. It was big and red. Where did it come from? When mom left briefly, she went to visit a friend who just arrived in Lima. He, uncle Cory, brought me my favorite food and an amazing toy!!! I was so happy getting presents, yep!

Then people started to arrive, first 3 friends who helped mom setting the things for the party and it was about 9:30pm when the guests started to arrive. Mom didn't need to hear the door's bell to know somebody was arriving, she just needed to listen to me. I was the welcome committee. Everyone wanted to hug mom first, ok, ok. But 2nd thing to do was petting me, haha. Well, I'm mom's baby, so that was a Must. I was so glad to see mom so happy and felt even better to realize all her friends loved me too, yay!!! I recognize some faces, but there were new ones too.
I was so tired next morning... zzzz
Well, new for me, since they all have already heard about THE Gunther :P

Her friends were so much fun, were petting me, taking pictures of me and even fed me, hehe. I had a great time and was incredibly happy until I heard it... this was a party for mom, a Good Bye party! OMG!!! She always travels and never does anything like this, so... Oh no! She will be going for 1 year, M O M!!!! I'll treasure every single minute with her. So I decided to stay next to her and didn't go to sleep until she did...

So this was what has been going on lately... I guess I should stop being so spoiled and spending so much time with mom, so it wouldn't be that hard when she's gone... but but, I can't do it! And I know she doens't want to do it either.
yadilitta says:
Gracias por tus palabras, tío Humberto!!! Yes, I will be waiting for mom!!!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2010
huibdos says:
Caro Gunthercito,
Es solo un año que no ves a tu madre.
I am so sad for you, but tus abuelos will look after you, and spoil you because they know you will miss Yadi.
And before you know it the year is gone. So don't forget how her footsteps sound, cause then she'll be back.
Un abrazo pequeño Gunther, un abrazo fuerte!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2010
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mom, whats going on???
mom, what's going on???
I wanted to be part of the picture…
I wanted to be part of the pictur…
I was so tired next morning... zzzz
I was so tired next morning... zzzz
thinking about what will happen...
thinking about what will happen...
photo by: rsvpme